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Are you looking forward to buying property in Nigeria? Get your dream house or land today. We have helped different clients get properties of their dream.

Land for sale in Owerri Imo State

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What we do

Selling of Genuine Houses

We sell both affordable and luxurious houses in Lagos, Abuja, and other states in Nigeria

Selling of Genuine Land

We also sell both affordable and luxurious land situated in strategic places in Lagos, Abuja, and other states in Nigeria

Architectural design

We render the services of standard Architectural drawing and 3D design, from registered architects.

Structural drawing or design

We equally render the services of professional Structural drawing/design, from registered engineers.

M&E drawing or design

We render the services of mechanical and electrical drawings at a competitive price, from registered engineers.

Services of Quantity Surveyor

We offer quantity surveyor services in Lagos, Abuja, Ogun, and some other states in Nigeria

Land for sale in Ibeju Lekki
Size: 600sqm & 300sqm

Location: Awoyaya Ibeju Lekki Lagos; Estate Name: Atlantic Bay Estate; Price: 15,000,000.

land for sale in Ibeju Lekki
Size: 600sqm

Location: Monastery Road, Sangotedo; Estate Name: Flourish Residence 2; Price: 18,000,000.

Land for sale in Nigeria - Ibeju Lekki
Size: 6000sqm

Location: Orimedu town of Ibeju Lekki community; Estate Name: PalmsVille Courts; Price: 3,500,000

Cheap land for sale facing Lekki-Epe Expressway Ibeju Lekki
Size: 600sqm

Location: Ibeju Agbe Town Ibeju Lekki Lagos Nigeria; Estate Name: Ibeju Royal Courtyard; Price: ₦2,500,000

Are you an investor, cooperative, organization, church, school, etc. looking for a genuine real estate developer or agent in Nigeria to do business with?

Or are you an individual searching for genuine property in a certain location or state in Nigeria?

Are you based outside Nigeria looking forward to buying or selling a property in Nigeria?

We are here to serve you and also to create a long-lasting business relationship with you.

We have helped different clients get the property of their dream without any dispute along the way!

Nigerian interior House Design

Get Architectural 3D interior design

Reasons why you should buy any of our  properties.

  • All our properties that are for sale are 100% verified. Don’t fall victim to fake real estate property websites or agencies that never verify the authenticity of their properties. 
  • We give you genuine and proper details on the interesting properties, such as Location, Price, Images, Videos, Property documents, and other fees e.t.c.
  • We keep you updated on the information about the properties from the time of interest to the time of purchase.
  • We constantly inspect all the properties, to know the availability and the current situations of the properties.
  • Buy and go and sleep.
  • We have your best interest at heart Because we understand that when a customer is satisfied with a service rendered to him/her, the person will definitely refer other clients to us. 
  • Our goal is to create a good customer relationship by giving our client excellent services (customer satisfaction)
Real Estate properties in Lagos Nigeria for sale
Get professional Architectural drawing & 3D design. Our services are exceptional, professional and quality is assured…

Planet Ville Real Estate – Genuine Properties (Land or House) In Nigeria

Oftentimes people talked about how they were misled, deceived, or miss-inform on a property transaction. Especially here in Lagos Nigeria.

We feel for these kinds of actions. But then, we strongly advise anyone who wants to spend his or her hard earn money on a property to do dull diligence concerning the real estate developer before making any payment on the property.

It is wise you trade safe than waking up one day and finding out you traded on the wrong part and your money is gone.

Good News:

The good news is that when you buy a property from us, you are 100% sure that you are not going to be scammed.

Because we make sure that the developers we do business with or individual is truly verified.

If not, we will inform you before the transaction and advice you to do the same.

Also, even though we have developers we work with if we notice or get to know any particular property that doesn’t look genuine or the document hasn’t been finalized.

We don’t market it to a client also we don’t advise clients to subscribe to it. Because client happiness and satisfaction is our main goal.

Having said that, we have some verified properties that may interest you.

Check them out and see it yourself.

From Our Blog

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Real Estate properties in Nigeria


  • First, the C of O should be in the Seller’s name alone, before he/she can have the right to sell it. But please go and confirm in Alausa(if the property is in Lagos) to be sure, because they have the records of everyone who has a C of O.
  • After you must have purchased it, you are not entitled to get a C of O in your name but a Governors consent. The C of O is only given to one purchaser and for every other subsequent transaction of sale of that property, you get a Governor’s consent.

Answer:  Valuation would be done on the value of the building. But it depends on where the building is located.


You need to get a Certificate of Occupancy or a Governor’s Consent. But the first step is to get a Registered Survey Plan. Once you have that, go to the Ministry of Lands in the state and find out the steps for acquiring title. Your Registered Surveyor and Lawyer should be able to advise you.


Yes, survey plan contains all the mappings and coordinates of an area you want to buy.

It is through this survey plan, you will first search and discover whether the property is free from acquisition or it has been acquired by Government.

A deed of assignment: is a written agreement between the owner that sold it to you and the new purchaser to buy a land or property. Without this deed, you have no proof that a purchase occurred.

Most people always rely on receipts to show proof but time and time again, these receipts can be falsified or denied by the seller whenever he or she wants to sell the land to another person but a deed of assignment describes the time the transaction was made, between which parties, the location of the property, the survey number, the amount it was sold and the signatories to the transaction.


 When an omonile or family omonile shows you their whole survey plan mapping out the entire area it is as a result of the following;

a. The families want to separate their own lands from the other community so they call a surveyor to map out their own lands according to their customs, heritage and gift of succession of land over the years.

b. When they divide it into particular plots, it is known a block per plot and it makes it easier to locate your plot if you intend to buy from a family that has done this. They usually look as if you are buying from an approved Government scheme. It’s an organized way of doing things but the problems comes from the fact that what they allocate to you via paper is different from what you see in real life.

So unless those plots that have been mapped out as a Scheme, you should take it with a pinch of salt and get an Alausa Surveyor(if the property is in Lagos) to go with you to map it out personally. Some land owners when they show you mapped out plots for you to buy and you just buy them on face value without taking a professional surveyor to map out the coordinates according to what is written in their survey plan, you could end up buying another person’s land that has been allocated or sold to somebody else and that is where the real problem starts.

No matter the survey plan that you see free from acquisition stamped on it, whether individual land for sale or family mapped out land for sale, make sure you do the survey plan search to verify it in the surveyor general’s office.

The number one fraud and scam today in land sales is this “Free from Acquisition” stamp you see on survey plans. It has generated so much controversy and has led to the duping of a lots of People in terms of Millions of Naira.


It Is not advisable, reason explained below:

  • The fact that a file number has been given at the ministry does NOT mean that the excision will be granted. This means that if the government does NOT grant the excision, you get no land.
  • In an excision application, the total area of land applied for is NOT always granted.

This means that if a real estate company applied for 50 hectares of land to be excised, the government may grant 30 hectares. The implication is that those who bought land from the 20 hectares that was not granted will lose their lands.

Read more about excision land

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