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Hire an Architect for your Architectural services in Nigeria

Are you looking forward to engaging an architect for your architectural service here in Nigeria?

Are you planning of building a house?

Is your building plan rejected because of the architectural drawing?

Have you used an inexperienced architect that couldn’t give you the kind of drawing you want?

Are you a company or an individual looking for the service of an architect?

Are you looking for an experienced and professional architect for your building project?

Are you in or outside of Nigeria looking for the services of an architect?

If your answer is yes and it falls into any of these questions above, then we are here for you, we have all it takes to give you that exceptional design that will definitely blow your mind.

Client Architectural design
Architectural design of 4 bedroom duplex we did for a client including the structural design and M&E
3D interior Architectural Design -Planet Ville Estate
3D rendering of Office interior design for a proposed training room

Architectural design services | Architect design services

We offer an architectural design for any kind of building, be it commercial, residential, or government project. We have the right professional and expertise to handle your project design.

  • Residential architectural services

Are you planning of constructing your residential apartment? We have a residential architect that will give you the desired drawing and design that will amaze you.

  • Commercial architectural services

Are you looking forward to building an office, shopping mall, school, shops, etc. we have the right architect to handle the drawing for the projects.

  • Architectural drawing services

Our architectural drawing services include design, preparation of construction documents, approved drawing plan, and construction administration.

But all this depend on clients request and an agreement between the clients and us.

client architectural 3D model
Architectural 3D design we did for a client for a mini estate in island Lagos
hire an architect

What should I expect from an architect before hiring him or her?

Why you need an architect to design your house

You should expect someone with good experience, referenced works, and expertise with good ideas. He should be willing to supervise the project from time to time (depending on the agreement with the client).

 Also, the type of works done in the past should prove to you that he or she has the skill, resources, and knowledge to meet your needs.

Irrespective of what type of project that is involve, the architect should be able to schedule a meeting with a client, listen to his/her ideas, suggest his opinion and conclude with him/her on the right type of design that will suit the client specifications.

Thereafter, draw and also develop a design that will fit the requirement. At the same time, considering the site conditions, building regulations, building plan approval requirements, cost implications, and other government rules and regulations.

Meanwhile, when designing, an architect consults a quantity surveyor in other to implement the right material and to avert any extra cost during project implementation.

What kind of values do architects add to a project?

  • Financial or capital value: architect helps to create a capital value after the development of the project.
    For example, if 2 buildings are built at the same cost and in the same place or location the value of one may differ from the other after the development. This is what an architect helps to achieve in a given project.

    The reason why two buildings are valued differently by the market even if the buildings are located at the same location is the value they deliver to the market. One could value three times the other.

  • Static value: it is expected that at the end of a project, the building should have added value to itself. For example, when you build a 4-story building on a piece of land of 300sqm, the price of the land and building cannot be the price of the land, cement, or stones of that building, rather there is going to be an incremental value, because of the static value and functional value of that building.
  • Technical value: an architect gives you a building that is structurally and functionally sound. A good architect should be able to give you a building that delivers, in terms of what it meant to do. For example, if it is a home, the rooms should float next to each other, the air should float. If it is an office it should give you more, it should take care of customer expectations and the image the company wants to show.
  • Save you money: A good architect understand and also maintains a rule of the architect which says “cost = spaces”. This is to say if an architect is meant to design a residential apartment, he understands putting extra space is good as adding extra cost to the building. Therefore a good designer will minimize the amount of circulation space so that you will not spend money on useless space but rather spend money on actual usable space.

All this is what our experienced and professional architect can deliver to you, depending on your request.

What then are you waiting for? Connect with us today.

architect cost to design a house in Nigeria
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