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Why you need an architect to design your house

Why you need an architect to design your house

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Are you thinking of building a house or renovating your home and you are contemplating using an architect or doing it by yourself?

In this article, I have written down reasons why you should engage an architect when building or renovating your home.

Why you should engage an architect to design, renovate or build your home in Nigeria and not doing it by yourself

get an architect to design my house

  1. To build a strong and long-lasting house

These days many houses collapse often due to one reason or the other. I can categorically say that this is a result of using inexperienced professionals /workers, fake materials, in some cases people try to do it by themselves.

Engaging the services of a registered and experienced architect will help to ensure that the building can withstand a test of time because when providing the detailed drawing, he/she is going to consult some professional like the Quantity Surveyor, registered Engineer, etc.

During the supervision of the project, he/she is going to ensure that the drawing is been followed and the right material is used at the right proportion. Also, ensure that the soil test is done before the commencement of the building.

At the same time he/she will ensure that the project follows the laydown rules and regulations governing a building project, For example, if you are to build 4 bedroom duplex, it is expected that you give a minimum space of 4 meters at the front and 3 meters at the side.

But most times when people tend to do this on their own they end up building a house that won’t last or a house that doesn’t follow approval requirements. Which in the long run may result in government demolition or building collapse.

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  1. To build a house that will add a huge capital value in the nearest future

Engaging the service of an architect will help to add a huge capital/ financial value to the house in the nearest future. This is part of the things an architect will help you to achieve in your building project.

For example, when one builds a house on 300 square meters of land for 8,000,000. Imagine in the next two to three years to come the capital value of that building is ten times what you spent building it.

This is because when evaluating the cost of a building some things like the structural, functional sound of the building are highly considered. This is exactly what an Architect will give to you when you engage its services.

But, when people build the house on their own, they end up building a house that will not meet all these prerequisites.

  1. To build a home that satisfies your needs

Often times, when people built their homes or renovated their houses without engaging the service of professional like architect or builders, the house tend to develop problems within the shortest period of time or they end up not being satisfied with the look of the building and the quality of works been done.

Probably because they are trying to save costs by not involving an architect. But forgetting that they may end up spending more in the future for not doing the right thing.

Using an architect to build your home is the best practice that will give you better results, a high return of investment, a house that will suit your dream, and give you that feeling that refreshes you.

A good and experienced architect will give you a building that will fill its needs also that has both structural and functional sound. The rooms and the air space will float next to each other.

Here in Nigeria, there are many buildings and renovated houses that the walls are so weak, the foundations are not strong, the roof always remove, the walls often soak water, the building frequently falls, no air circulation, etc.

These are a result of inexperience, not engaging an experienced professional to handle the project, also as a result of not using quality building material.

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  1. To plan, draw, design, and supervise the project

An architect will help you to plan a better project that will fit into your budget or request if you engage its service at the beginning also he/she will develop a proposed building design that will not only fit your request but also satisfy building code and meet structural demands.

Thereafter supervise the project to ensure every detail in the drawing is followed accordingly and better results are presented at every stage of the project.

An architect understands the building codes and makes sure that the client is pleased with its work every step of the way, ranging from the time of planning, designing, and supervisions of work.

Involving an experienced architect not any random architect on your project will make things easier and gives you a better result at the end of that project.

  1. To enhance cost reduction and usefulness of the material

Building a house can be very expensive, but when carefully planned with the help of an architect, you will be surprised to see yourself completing the project.

When you engage an experienced architect, who already has some contact with the right professionals such as, vendors, QS, engineers, builders, etc. he will make sure that the right materials are used at a minimal cost.

Unlike when you try doing it yourself. For the fact you don’t know many things about a building, vendors and some contractors may rip you off your hard earn money, by using inferior material and still cost it high.

One of the many ways contractor, engineers, or builders tends to siphon money in a building project is through the purchase of materials.

Hence, using an Architect for the project will not only help to reduce material cost but also make sure that there is no waste of material during the building project, by avoiding correction of works. And making sure that the drawing is being followed strictly.

  1. To prepare a building plan approval document

Building Plan Approval

If you plan to build a house you will be required to produce and submit a building plan approval to the authorities involved.

In other to do this, you need a registered Architect to prepare and provide you with all the required documents. Especially if the location of the building is in an Urban Area.

One of the interesting things about it is that you can’t start the project without getting the building plan approved.

The role of an architect as a project manager

An architect supervises and oversees the progress of works, resolves or handle any problems that may arise on the site, and also act as an advocate between general contractors and subcontractors.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is an Architect?

An Architect is a person who has a degree in any of the registered universities either local or international, also has to be registered so that he or she can be allowed to practice as an Architect.

Who can be an Architect?

Anyone who has the passion, logical mind to create things also who is good in mathematics or art can make an excellent design.

Do I need an architect? | Do you need an architect to build a house?

If you are building a project that needs to be approved, yes you need an architect. If you are building a small project that doesn’t need approval probably you don’t.

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Must I Need architectural drawings for building my home?

Yes, you need an architectural drawing for your building, the reason is that the building must be approved by the appropriate bodies. Also, the contractors and the laborers will need the blueprint to work with, in other to get it right.

Do I need an architect for the renovation of my home?

Yes, you do need an architect for your home design, especially if it is a story-building. An architect will help you in producing the blueprint of the building. Also, he can assist in supervising the project. Involving a registered architect will help you to make sure that everything is done in the right way.

Many times landlord tends to do all things by themselves and end up doing poor jobs and spending more. For instance, when you touch the walls of some houses it pills off or its sand starts to drop, or when you nail something on the wall you see cracks on the wall. Also, most times the ground and the wall of the house will soak some water.

In some cases, it causes building collapse or demolition of the project by the government after some period of time.

All these are a result of not involving a profession like architects, engineers, or a builder because they want to cut costs. But at the end of the day, they spend more trying to fix damages and generate huge maintenance costs on the property.

Another disadvantage of not involving an architect in your home renovation is that, if the landlord decides to sell the house sometime in the future, the value of the building is likely going to be very low to compare the value it will give to you when you engaged an architect.

Do I need an architect to draw plans?

If you have the skill and the knowledge on how to draw the building plan, then you may not need an architect in that regard. But if you don’t have any knowledge of architectural drawing, certainly you need an architect.

Does an Architect add value?

Yes, an architect adds immense value to a project, whether it is a corporate or individual project.

What kind of values do architects add to a project?

What kind of values do architects add to a project?

  • Financial or capital value: The architect helps to create a capital value after the development of the project. For example, if two(2) buildings are built at the same cost and in the same place or location the value of one may differ from the other after the development. This is what architectural service helps to achieve in a given project. The reason why two buildings are valued differently by the market even if the buildings are located at the same location is the value they deliver to the market. One could value three times the other.
  • Static value: it is expected that at the end of a project, the building should have added value to itself. For example, when one builds a 4-story building on a piece of land of 300sqm, the price of the land and building cannot be the price of the land, cement, or stones of that building, rather there is going to be an incremental value, because of the static value and functional value of that building.
  • Technical value: an architect gives you a building that is structurally and functionally sound. A good architect should be able to give you a building that delivers, in terms of what it meant to do. For example, if it is a home, the rooms should float next to each other, the air should float. If it is an office it should give you more, it should take care of customer expectations and the image the company wants to prostrate.
  • Save money: A good architect understand and also maintains a rule of architecture that says “cost = spaces”. This is to say if an architect is meant to design a residential apartment, he understands putting extra space is good as adding extra cost to the building. Therefore a good designer will minimize the amount of circulation space so that you will not spend money on useless space but rather spend money on actual usable space.

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What exactly do architects do?

An architect draws, design, and supervise any given proposed building project. He/she also works with other professionals or contractors to achieve a good design project that meets client expectations.

How do architects calculate cost?

Cost in architectural buildings is calculated per square meter.

What sets architects apart from other people who design a house?

The reason is that they are registered or licensed in the country or state they practice.

Need architect for home design

If you are looking for an architect that can handle your home design, we are here to work with you. We have over the years given our clients reason to delight in our works and services.

We don’t just design, we work with related professionals to give details of the designs and outcome. At the same time follow all the architectural codes, rules, and guidelines.

If you are in or outside Nigeria and you need the service of a registered architect for your building projects, feel free to contact us.


If you have questions, comments, additions, corrections, ideas, please feel free to drop them in the comment below. I hope you find the article helpful.

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