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Land for sale in ikorodu Lagos


Affordable land to buy in Ikorodu Nigeria


Are you excited to become a landowner? Are you looking for another cheap, genuine, and affordable land in Ikorodu Nigeria?

Don’t miss out on this one. This is another one of our affordable lands with a similar location.

This one has been made available so that even the monthly income earners can easily subscribe to it and become a landowner in Lagos Nigeria.

This is certainly an opportunity to acquire a landed property with little payment fees monthly.

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Land at Agbowa Ikorodu – Orange Pavilion Estate

Orange Pavilion Estate is situated in Agbowa, Ikorudu, Lagos State. It’s a home far away from home; an exclusive estate with first-class and modern-day facilities. Its proximity is superb and accessibility is exceptional.

It has a good topography as such it’s a dry land with favorable soil conditions.

Proximity — it is 5 minutes’ drive from Lagos State Polytechnic (Ikorodu Campus) and a 12 minutes’ drive from Ikorodu Town Hall, 6 minutes’ drive from Landmark.


  • Deed of Assignment with landowners
  • Registered Survey Plan approved by Lagos State Government (view the survey plan)
  • Contract of Sales & Payment Notification Letter(s)

Price: 600sqm currently goes for ₦600,000

Payment plan:

We have 12 months payment plan which amounts to ₦660,000 per plot.

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Question: WHAT IS THE PAYMENT STRUCTURE? (Outright and Instalment Payment)


To participate in this offer, pay ₦37,650 to register as a partner, and begin the 12 monthly installment plan.

  1. Payment of ₦55,000 monthly installment plan for 12 months and outright payment of ₦600,000 for 600sqm
  2. Commercial plots Attract additional 10% of land cost
  3. Corner piece plots Attract additional 10% of land cost
  4. Change/Correction of Name(s) attract N10,000 charges (Subject to review)
  5. Transfer of Ownership attract 10% of land cost
  6. B:- Non-payment of the monthly installments as at when due shall be treated as a fundamental breach of the contract which could result in termination or revocation of the contract/OR attract a default charge of 10% of the monthly installment payment.



  1. Legal fee, ₦100,000 only per plot of 600sqm (Subject to review)
  2. Registered Survey plan Fee: ₦50,000 only per plot (subject to review) Survey plan with Company’s name attract double charges
  3. Development Fee: Will be communicated later (subject to review)
  4. Corner Plot demarcation: N30,000 only per plot (Subject to review)



  1. Survey Plan and Deed of Assignment payment can be made before or after the Physical Allocation.
  2. Development Levy will be determined later.
  3. Corner Plot Demarcation is N30,000 per plot payable after payment for land and before Physical Allocation of the plot.

 Estate Features and Proposed Infrastructure

  • Proposed recreation center
  • Perimeter fencing around the estate
  • A Good road network within the estate
  • States-of-the-Arts landscaping
  • Street lights within and at the entrances of the estate SITE

 An inspection takes place every working day and on Saturdays at 10:00 am, 12:00 noon, 2:00 pm, and 4:00 pm and by special arrangements on Sundays.

What then are you waiting for? Call us NOW, let’s show you around. This property is a secured investment and it’s available to potential buyers who act fast.

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 Other questions about the land (FAQ)

Where Is the Estate (Orange Pavilion) located?
ORANGE PAVILION ESTATE is situated in Agbowa, Ikorodu, Lagos State.

Who Are The Owners/ Developer Of Orange Pavilion Estate?
PWAN HOMES LTD, a Leading Real Estate Company and Folkland Property Development Company (FPDC), a leading player in the Construction sector of the economy with offices in Lekki, Lagos State.
What Type Of Title Does Orange Pavilion Estate Have On The Land?
Deed of Assignment with Land Owners and Registered Survey plan approved by Lagos State Government.

Are There Any Encumbrances On The Land?
The land is free from every known government acquisition or interest and adverse claims.

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What Is The Size Of The Plot?

Is The Road To The Estate Motor-Able?
Yes, the road to the estate is motorable.

What Do I Get After The Initial Deposit?
Starters pack comprising a letter of acknowledgment of subscription, receipts of payment.

What Do I Get After Completing Payment For The Land?

  1. Completion Payment Receipt,
  2. Contract of Sales & Allocation Notification Letter
  3. Deed of Assignment
  4. Survey Plan after Physical Allocation is done.

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