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M&E services | Mechanical & Electrical drawings

M&E services | Mechanical & Electrical drawings

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Are you looking forward to engaging the services of professionals for your M&E services?

Are you an individual, company, organization, church, school, or hospital? Are you in or outside Nigeria? Are you planning of constructing a building?

If yes, we are here for you. We have experienced and registered professionals ready to work on your project.

Our engineers are well experienced and exceptional when it comes to M&E design and its services. Our works have often spoken for us and have also given us an edge over some companies in Nigeria.

Our goal is to give you the outstanding services that you deserve.

What then are you waiting for? Get sets of printed mechanical and electrical drawings that are seal, stamp, and signed by our experienced, professional, and registered engineers.

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Mechanical & Electrical complete design drawing | M&E services

We give our clients full M&E design services based on request. Our Charges are competitive to compare the kind of services we give to clients. Also to compare other M&E services providers or companies.

Our full mechanical and electrical drawings come with

  • 2 set of printed M&E drawings each
  • Seal
  • Stamp
  • And signed by a registered engineer

If you want to know the estimated cost of these drawings, check out this pagecost of building plan drawings

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What are mechanical and electrical services

Mechanical and electrical services are simply professional engineering services rendered by registered engineers or companies to a building project.

The major works are to handle the mechanical aspect of the building project, such as; the plumbing, sanitary fittings connections, toilet, kitchen, etc., and the electrical aspect of the building as well, such as light fittings, switches, sockets, etc.

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Mechanical and Electrical systems in buildings

The mechanical system in a building is simply a mechanical diagram or design showing all the plumbing, sanitary fittings connections, toilet, and kitchen piping networks in the building, and ground chambers where all the wastewater from the toilet and kitchen will go into and many.

It will also show the air conditioner system connection.

While the electrical system in the building is a design or drawing showing all light fittings, switches, sockets, water heater, generator, and electrical power change over, etc, and the way the electrical cables will run or connected throughout the building.

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Why you should choose us

  • Our services are accurate, detail, and reliable.
  • Our prices are way much better to compare what you will get out there.
  • Our engineers are well experienced, professional and above all registered.
  • We will always be here to give you our professional assistance or advice concerning your project.
  • Our goal is to give a client an exceptional service that will lead them to refer more clients to us.
  • We are trusted when it comes to money, work, or services.
  • We understand every do and don’t when it comes to building and construction.
  • We want to work with you and give your project a touch that befits your status.

Would you want to enquire more about our service? Feel free to contact us.

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