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Affordable properties (Land & houses) for sale in Ibadan Oyo State


Property Listing - Luxury and affordable properties in Ibadan Oyo state...


“Owning a home or a landed property is a keystone of wealth…both financial affluence and emotional security”

Are you an investor or an individual looking forward to buying affordable genuine properties in Ibadan Oyo State?

We have both luxury and affordable properties for sale in Ibadan Oyo State. Below are some of our current selling properties in Ibadan Oyo State…

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SunStone City is a private estate nested in the peaceful neighborhood of Moniya, Ibadan.

It’s an estate specially designed to allow you to enjoy tranquility in a nature-friendly.

SunStone City allows you to build a home, and create wealth for generations ahead, gives you value appreciation, and high returns on investment.

It’s an estate designed to allow you to enjoy remarkable residential highlights including electricity, an excellent road network, a serene and luxurious environment, an impeccable drainage system, and stealth security.

LOCATION: 📍Moniya Ibadan, Oyo State
TITLE: Registered Survey and C of O in Progress
SELLING PRICE: 500Sqm – ₦800,000

SunStone City is in proximity with:

  • 🎓University of Ibadan
  • 🚉Lagos-Ibadan Train Station
  • 🛳️Ibadan Inland Dry Port
  • 🏢IITA Ibadan

✅Excellent road network
✅Modern drainage system
✅Gated community
✅Perimeter Fencing;
✅Portable water supply and so much more!

The best part is that you don’t have to break the bank. Take advantage of affordable payment plans and buy a piece of SunStone City today.

To schedule an inspection or for more information, call:📞08181522231



There is no better gift to give one than a piece of asset, one that appreciates and restores your money’s worth.

In the heart of Ibadan, sits CORAL CITY, ISEYIN another addition to our Megacity.

Location: Ayelangbe Village along Iseyin/Oyo Road.
Title: C of O (in view)
Land size: 500sqm

Initial deposit: N300,000 with flexible Payment durations.
1 year interest-free.
12, 18,24, & 36 months plan


  • Akinyele LGA,
  • 15 minutes from Ruby City by Gracias,
  • Obafemi Awolowo Train Station,
  • IITA,
  • Fajuyi Army Cantonment,
  • Ijaiye market,
  • Moniya.

Property details – Rejoice Garden Estate Ibadan (SOLD OUT)

Location: Babatope Obatedo Village off Ibadan-illorin express road Akinyele Area, Ibadan.

Rejoice Gardens is strategically located in Akinyele, the fastest growing area of the Largest and third most populous city in Nigeria, Ibadan.

It is sited at the very popular Ibadan-Oyo-Ogbomosho-Ilorin dual carriageway. The only route that links the south and north.

Topography: 100 % dry land

Title: It has C of O


₦500,000 for 300sqm.
₦1,000,000 for 600sqm.

Estate Features

  • Recreational center
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Street Lights
  • Gated & secured environment
  • Gardens
  • Landscaping

Site Visitation takes place every Monday to Saturday. Time: 10 am to 12noon, 2 pm.

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  • Deeper Life High School. Less than 5 min drive.
  • Dry Port. Less than 5 min drive.
  • Railway terminal: less than 10mins.
  • A 20 minutes seamless drive from Iwo road round-about via Ibadan- Oyo dual carriage express makes this edifice of an estate easily accessible with an advantageous road network.
  • Rejoice Gardens is Neighbors to the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing Estate
  • Rejoice Gardens is located less than a minute from the Ibadan Central Abattoir.
  • Rejoice Gardens is located less than a minute from Kola Daisi University
  • Rejoice Gardens is less than 15 minutes drive to the prestigious premier University of Nigeria, the University of Ibadan.
  • Rejoice Gardens is less than 10 minutes’ drive to the international institute for tropical agriculture (IITA),

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Why you should buy this property – Rejoice Gardens Ibadan?

  1. Every smart investor understands the impact and proximity of a higher institution to real estate investment. Lecturers and students of this institution will soon require comfortable residents and commercial locations within their community. I will use Lead City University as a case study; less than 15 years of operation, a plot of land available close to the school is worth over 10 million on the market.
  2. On the 15th of May 2018, the Minister of Transport signed a $6.68 billion contract with the China Civil Engineering Construction to complete Lagos-Kano Standard Guage Railway passing through Ibadan-Ilorin. Akinyele- Moniya area of Ibadan stands at the center of this development as it is proposed to house one of the several railway stations on this path
  3. With the title, “Certificate of Occupancy”, Rejoice Gardens Stands as the best and secured real estate investment for any investor looking to secure a spot on this gold mine.
  4. The high return of investment

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Frequently asked questions on this property

Question: Where is rejoice gardens?

Answer: rejoiced gardens is an undeveloped parcel of land situated at the  Babatope Obatedo Village, off Ibadan-Illorin Express Road Akinyele Area, Ibadan.

Question: Who are the owners/developers of Rejoice Garden?

Answer: it is owned by PWAN ROYALE.

Question: Are there any encumbrances on the land?

Answer: the land is free from every known government acquisition or interest and adverse claims.

Question: What is the payment structure?

Answer: outright payment is N499,999 only per plot for 300sqm and N999,999 per plot for 600sqm.(payable over 3 months)

Installment payment is N599,999 only per plot for 300sqm and N1,099,999 only per plot for 600sqm. (payable ver 12 months).

N.B: Non-payment of the monthly installment as at when due shall be treated as a fundamental breach of contract. Which will result in termination or revocation of the contract/OR attract a default charge of 10% of the monthly payment.

Question: what is the size of the plot?

Answer: 300sqm, 600sqm

Question: is the road motorable?

Answer: yes the road to the estate is motorable.

Question: what other payment do I make apart from the payment for the land?


  1. deed of assignment: 100,000 only per plot (subject to review).
  2. Survey fee: 1500,000 only per plot, survey plan with company name attract double charges. (subject to review).
  3. Corner plot demarcation: 30,000 only per plot (subject to review).
  4. Development: 250,000 only for 300sqm; 500,000 only per plot for 600sqm (subject to review).

Question: When do I make the other payments?


  1. Deed of assignment, the provisional survey fee, and corner plot demarcation can be made immediately.
  2. Development fee can be made after physical allocation.

Question: what do I get after the initial deposit?

Answer: Starters pack comprising a letter of acknowledgment of subscription, receipt of payment.

Question: what do I get after completing payment for the land?


  1. Completion payment receipt, contract of sales & Allocation Notification letter.
  2. Deed of assignment & survey plan after the physical allocation is done.

Question: can I start construction or building on the land now?

Answer: you can start building on the land after physical allocation, while fencing and Estate development are going on.

Question: Is there any restriction regarding the type of building I can construct in the estate?

Answer: yes, the estate layout is in section and you are limited to build houses on each section based on designated use or plan for that section (commercial or residential) i.e Bungalow, blocks of flats, detached houses (duplex). Note “face-me-i-face-you” (tenement building) and high-rise houses will not be permitted. All building designs must conform to the required set back of building control of the estate and such design would be approved by the company and with Oyo State Government afterward.

Question: Can I resell my plot/property?


  1. A subscriber who has paid up on their land can re-sell their plot(s). PWAN Royal would require the seller to furnish the company with the details of the buyer.
  2. A charge of 10% of the land consideration (covering transfer documentation fee) shall be paid to the company by the buyer.

Question: Can I pay cash to your agent?

Answer: We strongly advise that cash payments should ONLY be made to PWAN Royal Investment and the Developments LTD at its designated banks. Otherwise, cheque(s) should be issued in favor of PWAN Royal Investment and Developments LTD. We shall NOT accept any responsibility for any liability that may arise as a result of a deviation from the above instruction.

Question: what happens if I cannot continue with my payment? Can I request a refund?

Answer: yes, you can apply for a refund only if you have NOT been allocated your plot(s). In the event of a refund, you are required to give the company Ninety (90) days’ notice to process your refund request and a further sixty (60) days if the process isn’t completed after the first 90 days. The refund shall be processed and paid less 40% (administrative fee and others).

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