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Aluminum windows and doors installation services in Nigeria

Do you want to install aluminum doors? Or are you looking forward to engaging the services of aluminum window installation in Lagos Nigeria? 

Our aluminum installation services are top-notch. We carefully fabricate and install quality and elegant-looking aluminum windows and doors. Using the newest technology.

For example, in the case of window installation, the frame, the glass, the net, and the burglaries are all embedded together during the installation process and this is the modern way of installation.

Also, our aluminum doors are carefully installed using the client-approved mm thickness of materials and glass.

Whether you’re an architect, engineer, quantity surveyor(QS), builder, or a homeowner looking forward to installing aluminum doors or aluminum windows for your project then you are at the right place.

Aluminum windows and doors installation services in Nigeria

Most commonly used aluminum products in Nigeria

There are two most popularly used aluminum products (companies) which are “Tower” and “Imported” their cost varies.

Tower materials are more expensive and stronger than imported materials. However, Imported has the one they call “thick-Imported”, which is the one most people that cannot afford tower product tends to go for.

However, if you are not in the business line you will not know what material is been used for the work.

That is why many untruthful craftsmen will give quotes for tower material, at the end, they will use thick imported to do the work.

In another way, we can’t blame them, because most times, when we give clients the actual quotation for tower materials they will claim is at a high price, but at the end of the day, they will be scammed with thick imported material.  

Another thing that happens in this line of business is that craftsmen mix materials to do their work. Especially when they have quoted for tower materials.

As for us, we don’t compromise standards and business agreements. Most of our work speaks for us, we fabricate the majority of all our work on-site for client peace of mind.

Our served clients have always referred us to someone else because they are pleased with our deliveries. Most especially our costs are competitive.

Aluminum Windows installation services

In Nigeria, there are two (2) most commonly used aluminum windows which are casement aluminum windows and sliding aluminum windows, for either residential or commercial buildings.

While Aluminium tilt and turn windows are mostly used on high-raising buildings.

We take pride to say that, handling the installation of any of these types of windows, is a piece of cake for us.

Casement Aluminum Window:

Are usually installed in a way you can either open them inward or outward via hinges. It is vertically in shape.

It is designed to be attached to the aluminum frames by hinges, it comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs.

Is available in both contemporary and traditional designs. They are also obtainable in a range of colors and can be tailor-made to meet your exact requirements.

This type of window provides excellent thermal and noise insulation.

Aluminum Sliding window

The aluminum sliding windows has structures of two or more sashes that horizontally pass each other in the frame. The sashes provide sliding motion back and forth that allows the window to open or close

They are not attached with a hinge, instead, they move sideways.

Aluminum sliding windows are exceptional in delivering optimal ventilation and stream natural light to keep the interiors lively, spacious, and fresh.

Aluminum tilt-and-turn windows

These types of windows are the apex of design innovation and are an ideal solution for high-rise buildings where internal finishing and ease of cleaning are essential factors.

Their unique design allows the window to open on two axes. Tilting when ventilation is needed at the same time turning to work like a regular casement window.

This type of window provides excellent ventilation, easy cleaning access, and excellent thermal efficiency.

Their adaptable design makes them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Aluminum door installation services in Nigeria

We install any kind of aluminum doors according to the customer’s preference with no limitations.

Our craftsmen are highly skilled and ever-ready to service customers’ unique requests.

The style, color, feel, and look of your home’s external and internal doors or office doors are our architectural professionalism.

We use quality materials and modern technology when handling our aluminum door installation services.

Aluminum doors | door design | door frame

The use of aluminum is one of the ultra-modern ways of installing doors and windows. It comes in different colors, frame sizes, and designs.

It is environmentally friendly, one of the advantages of aluminum doors is it is affordable and it comes in different colors, unlike wood and steel doors.

The door designs are light in weight. At the same time, the door frame is non-corrosive.

Aluminum glass door | toilet doors | Bathroom doors

Most of the new modern toilets and bathrooms are made with aluminum materials which gives them sophisticated elegant looks with the glass installation in the shower.

Do you just want to install or replace only your toilet doors, or bathroom doors with an aluminum product (materials)? We equally handle such small projects.

We promise to offer you the best, and most satisfactory services using quality materials.

Some types of Aluminum doors

  1. Sliding door: just like the name sounds, it opens and closes in sliding form. It can be used for several purposes, for example, you can use it in the office to partition some areas, also you can use it in the bedroom, and in some commercial places as an entrance door. In some residential houses, it is often used on the balcony.
  2. Swing doors:  this type of door, opens in the same direction either inward or outward. Is often used in anterooms, restaurants, and kitchens.
  3. Foldable doors: are those types of aluminum doors that are foldable with another door opening.  And it is mostly used in commercial areas
  4. Single and double wing doors: is good for residential houses, commercial areas, shopping malls, offices, and restaurants. Is suitable for interior doors and side entrances.
Alluminum shower, windows, bathroom, toilet door installation services

Why you should choose us for your aluminum installation service

  1. Customer satisfaction and timely delivery of our aluminum installation services be it new window installation, replacement of the old one, or aluminum doors has always remained our topmost priority.
  2. We use the newest technology to achieve client requests and excellent results.
  3. We don’t compromise the use of materials, especially after we have had an agreement with our client. For example, some craftsmen will give quotes for tower materials at the end of the day they will use tick imported materials to do the work.
  4. Our craftsmen are well-experienced and professional when it comes to aluminum installation.
  5. Our prices are competitive.
  6. Our work is neatly done

Who do we serve?

  • Building/construction company
  • A private individual who needs services of aluminum installation
  • Companies (both private and commercial)
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Government
  • Shopping mall
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Engineers
  • Architect
  • Business houses etc.

Why you should use aluminum windows or doors?

  • Aluminum is known for being an ultramodern material for doors and windows owing to its durability, beauty, and minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Features such as strength, durability, how air-tight they are, style, color, and maintenance cost, are what make it outstanding.
  • Also, it can be used on commercial projects and residential projects.
  • Aluminum has become a common preference nowadays, we have seen an expansion in business when it comes to aluminum installations.
  • Aluminum frames can confront all weather situations with no contraction during colds or in bright sunlight.
  • They can resist high wind pressure and are very efficient during storms.
  • Aluminum doors along with windows retain their performance as well as aesthetics throughout their lifetime.
  • It can resist any weather components without getting rusting, as such your windows will look marvelous for years to come.
  • Aluminum is ideally well-matched to the construction of large doors as well as windows.

What type of aluminum installation does Planet Ville Services provide?

We render any kind of aluminum installation services, be it window, door, shower, etc. for commercial, residential, or industrial use.

Which colors of aluminum windows are highly used?

Grey, white, and black are the most desirable color options so far.

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