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Structural Design Services in Nigeria

Looking for Structural design services?

We are Planet Ville Estate A.K.A buy a genuine real estate property in Nigeria. Part of our services is to provide our client, accurate, and professional structural design services that meet the building plan requirement.

Are you planning of constructing a building? Have you done the building plan drawings such as Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical designs?

If your answer is No? Then we are here to give you an astonishing design or drawing that will suit your request.

We have over times given our client satisfy services at a competitive cost that lead them to refer other clients to us.

Our services are not limited to certain people, states, or countries. Rather our services available to anyone be it a company, individual, organization, etc.

Also, irrespective of wherever you are in the world, we are available to deliver our services to you.

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Complete structural design services

cost of structural drawing in Nigeria

Our full standard structural drawing required for building approval comes with

  • 5 sets of printed structural drawing
  • COREN Seal
  • Stamp
  • Approval letter (an approval letter from a certified engineer attached with the drawing to show the authenticity of the job)

You may want to know the cost estimate of the drawing, check out this page cost of structural design services”.

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The Important of involving a registered professional to design the structural drawing

  • Structural design is the backbone or the muscle that carries the building, if any inexperienced or unregistered engineer does the design, it can give the design or the building a negative impact which may lead to building collapse.
  • Also, you may spend extra money on correcting errors during construction if the design is done wrongly.
  • Structural design is what will make the building structure stand to the test of time, so when constructing a building that will last for years is expected to be done by a registered professional (Civil Engineer).
  • In other to get it right once and for all, it is advisable that you use an experienced professional.
  • Structural drawing signed and seal by a COREN engineer is required (except in bungalows) before a building permit can be granted.
  • If the structural design is done wrongly by inexperienced engineers it can cause the building approval to be rejected.
  • Using a registered professional will help to avert any building collapse in the nearest future. One of the reasons why buildings collapse these days are because of negligence in the structural aspect of it.

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Why you should choose us

  • Our services are accurate, detail, and reliable.
  • Our prices are way much better to compare what you will get out there.
  • Our engineers are well experienced, professional and above all registered.
  • We will always be here to give you our professional assistance or advice concerning your project.
  • Our goal is to give a client an exceptional service that will lead them to refer more clients to us.
  • We are trusted when it comes to money, work, or services.
  • We understand every do and don’t when it comes to building and construction.
  • We want to work with you and give your project a touch that befits your status.

Required details to be provided to us when you call us for our services

  1. Location of the project
  2. Architectural drawing
  3. Soil test (this is important especially if is a water-logged area)


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