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Services of Quantity Surveyor

Are you Looking forward to engaging the services of Quantity Surveyor?

If yes, then you have come to the right place. Our services of quantity surveyor have often times given our clients reasons to always choose us.

When it comes to exceptional services we are proud of our team also we stop at nothing to make sure we fulfill our client request.

Quantity surveyor consultancy Services in Nigeria

Services of Quantity Surveyor

We offer consultancy services to Construction companies, small or large organizations, government bodies, companies and individuals. We have professionals with years of experience.

Our specialty is the preparation of bill of quantities for any given building or construction projects and costing of any kind of project.

Our Qs are exceptionally talented and knowledgeable when it comes to costing a project and preparing the bills.

We have helped many clients to negotiate properly by preparing a good and beneficial bill of quantities for their projects contracts.

 Cost of a project

Many times people tend to start a new project or work on an existing project, they want to know the cost of executing the project from start to finishing before commencing on the project.

The truth is that one cannot know the cost of a project without having to engage a professional. Engaging a professional will enable you to budget and plan the financial aspect of the project smoothly.

Sometimes, people tend to avoid using a professional to get the cost of the project, simply because they don’t want to pay the professional fees.

Now the question is, starting a project and ends halfway without completing it because of underestimation and finishing the project on time and on budget by engaging the services of a professional which one is wiser?

Whatever what doing, what doing well, engage a professional today, and smile to your project tomorrow.

Quantity surveyor services in Lagos

We offer quantity surveyor services in Lagos and some other states in Nigeria.

We have Qs from different states in Nigeria. But our Lagos team, are always standby to work and respond to client’s requests.

Are you an individual intending to build a house or start a project in Lagos state? Do you want to know the cost of your project before starting the construction?

Are you in overseas and you plan to start a project in Lagos Nigeria or any other state but you don’t know the cost?

Are you a company or an individual, wishes to engage the service of QS, in your project?

Then we are here for you. Choosing our experienced QS (Quantity surveyor) for that your project will enable you to plan and execute a successful project on time and on budget.

If you happen to be a company, then engaging our QS will give you an upper hand in getting that contract also will in turn give you a good profit on the project.

Services of a QS (Quantity surveyor) towards Construction Company

If you are Construction Company here are the reasons why you should engage a QS

  • He helps in preparing the bills of quantities.
  • He provides instruction in developing skills and a logical approach in measuring simple building works.
  • He provides a platform for further studies in the measurement and pricing of building works
  • Is to give you an understanding of the technical aspects of construction throughout the period of a building or construction.
  • It also helps to accommodate the building requirements to suit the particular conditions of a project.
  • To realize the best quality and value within the client’s specifications
  • To understand contracts, budgets, quantities, and measurements. He helps to explain the measurement process in variation order.
  • He helps improve waste management.

Three major responsibilities of a Quantity Surveyor in a given project are:

  • To produce cost estimates, enabling budgetary and finance control.
  • To provide advice concerning contract strategy and taxation.
  • To prepare contract documents for the procurement of consultants and contractors. In other words, the negotiation of contracts, prices, change orders, and interim payments are the responsibility of a Quantity Surveyor.

Read: role of Quantity Surveyor in construction project.

If you need the services of a professional and experienced Quantity Surveyor in your building project, what then are you waiting for, connect with us lets discuss.

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