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Cost of building a 3 bedroom flat/bungalow in Nigeria 2020

Cost of building a 3 bedroom flat/bungalow in Nigeria 2020

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Do you want to know the cost of building a 3 bedroom flat/bungalow in Nigeria?

In this article, I have put together an estimated cost of building a 3 bedroom flat/bungalow in Nigeria, from the foundation stage to the painting of the house.

Meanwhile, getting an actual cost of building a 3 bedroom flat/bungalow is a bit difficult because when it comes to constructing a building, there are a lot of things involve also there are many factors that can trigger the cost of the building.

Here are some of the factors that can influence the cost of building a house:

  • location- when it comes to property investment, location is one of the major factors that always affect its cost.
  • The quality of materials to be used
  • The cost of labor in that area
  • The test of finishing
  • Mistakes from the drawing
  • Making changes in the drawing.
  • Mistakes from the laborers or project supervisor
  • Architectural Design, and many more.

Please Note: The cost of land to be used will not be included in this estimated cost, I suppose you already have land. However, you can get a plot of land at the cost of ₦1,000,000 to 100,000,000 depending on the location, plot size, condition of the land, and the title document.

If you are looking for genuine land with title documents, feel free to check out our landed properties.

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Building plan approval: Before erecting a building on a piece of land, it is customary that you obtain a building plan approval from the appropriate bodies. The cost of getting a building plan and the cost of approval will not be discussed here.

Building Plan Approval

If you need the service of our in-house and experienced Architect and Engineer for your building plan approval, contact us. Or if you want to know the process of getting your building plan approval in Lagos, read this article.

Please note: The cost varies from location to location.

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Estimated Cost of building a 3-bedroom flat/bungalow from the Foundation stage to the plastering stage

Simply 3-bedroom bungalow floor plan in Nigeria

architect cost

Below are the cost estimate of constructing a 3 bedroom bungalow, which includes laying of the foundation, setting of blocks to the roofing stage, roofing of the building, fixing of doors and windows, plastering, tirling, and fencing.

Note: the blocks used on this project are purchased from the factory, they were not molded on the site. However, I strongly advise you to mold the block on-site when constructing a building.

Also, the prices used here are the estimated current price in Lagos Nigeria. It may vary from location to location and cities to cities.

Cost of  laying a foundation of 3 bedroom bungalow 

laying of the blocks

The breakdowns of the cost are as follows:

Blocks: from the drawing, about one thousand eight hundred (1,800) pieces of blocks will be needed. Block comes in different sizes. the most commonly used are 9 inches or 6-inch size. we will be using 6 inches hollow blocks on the foundation. Cost per 6″ = ₦180.

Therefore, the cost of 1800 pieces blocks will be 180 *1800 = 324,000

Stones for foundation casting: About two(2) trips of stones will be needed for foundation casting. The cost of one(1) trip of stone for foundation casting, that is 30tons trailer (full) is ₦165, 000
Therefore, the cost of two trips will be 165,000 * 2 = ₦330000

Sand: About five(5) trips of sand will be needed. The cost of one(1) trip of sand is ₦55,000.
Therefore, cost for five(5) trips will be 55,000 * 5 = ₦275000

Stones for the German floor: About three(3) trips of stone for the German floor will be needed. The cost of one(1) trip of stone for a German floor is ₦165, 000.
Hence, cost of three(3) trips will be 165,000 * 3 = ₦495000

Cement: About 30 bags of cement (Dangote 42.5) for block work and another 50 bags for German flooring will be needed. The cost per bag is 2600.
Consequently, cost for 80 bags will be 2600 * 80 = ₦208000

Planks: cost is as follows
1 x 12 = ₦1, 200
2 x 3 = ₦300
2 x 4 = ₦400
The estimated cost to spend is ₦10,000

Nails: two to 3 bags will be needed. The cost per bag is ₦7, 500. In summary, cos for 3 bags will be 7,500 * 3 = ₦22,500

Cost of labor: Estimated cost of labor for foundation = ₦240000

Red soil for filling of foundation: one to two trips of red soil will be needed. The cost per trip is ₦38, 000.
Therefore, cost for two(2) trips will be 38,000 * 2 = ₦76,000

Total Estimated cost for leveling foundation of 3 bedrooms flat: 324,000 + ₦330000 + ₦275000 + ₦208000 + ₦10,000 + 22,500 + ₦240,000 + ₦76,000 = ₦1,269,500 or $3336.40

Please note: This cost depends on the land topography. But if you dig the toilet reservoir (soakaway) first, and use the removed soil to fill the foundation, this will reduce the amount of red soil you will have to buy.

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Cost of laying or setting blocks from foundation stage to roofing level:

The breakdown of blocks works are as follows:

Blocks: About four thousand (4000) pieces of hollow blocks will be needed. Cost per 6″ ₦ 180
Therefore, the estimated cost of 4000 pieces of blocks will be 4000 * 180 = ₦720,000

Sand:  about one and a half trips of sand will be needed to mix with the cement. But we will purchase two trips(20tons) of sand and use the remaining sand elsewhere. The cost of one trip of sand (i.e 10tons) is between ₦25,000 to ₦28,000. Therefore cost of two(2) trips will be 25,000 * 2 = ₦50,000

Cement: About 18bags of cement will be needed. The cost per bag is between ₦2,500 to ₦2,900.
Hence, total cost for 18 bags will be 18 * 2,600 = ₦46,800

Labor cost: It takes ₦60 to ₦80 to lay one block. Therefore, to lay 4000 pieces of blocks will be 60 * 4000 = ₦240,000.

Hence, the total cost of block works from foundation stage to the roofing level: ₦720,000 + ₦50,000 + ₦46,800 + ₦240,000 = 1,056,800 or $2777.40 

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Cost of Roofing a 3 bedroom bungalow

cost of roofing a 3 bedroom flat in Nigeria

The breakdowns of the roofing works are as follows

Wood for roofing: according to the drawing, the estimated cost of wood needed for the roofing works is ₦180,000 although it depends on the style.

Carpenters work: Estimated Cost of carpenters work is ₦150,000

Roofing sheet: there are different types of roofing sheets with different prices and designs. On this project, we will use a roofing sheet with a water connector, which is a bit costlier. The square meter price is ₦3,100.

Also, On this project, the total square meter is 220m2. Hence, the total cost of the roofing sheet is: 3,100 * 220m2 = ₦682,000

The cost of installing the roofing sheet is always a 10% cost of the total roofing sheet.

In this case, the cost will be (0.1 * ₦682,000) = ₦68,200

Therefore, The total cost of roofing a 3 bedroom bungalow is: ₦180,000 + ₦150,000 + ₦682,000 + ₦68,200 = 1,012,000 or $2645.75

Doors, Frames, Aluminum windows and burglary frames

The cost breakdowns are as follows

Doors: from the drawing, about 10 doors will be needed, the market cost of doors varies based on the type of doors one wishes to purchase. On this project, we will use eight(8) wooden doors and two(2) iron or steel doors.

The estimated cost of one wooden door with a frame is ₦20,000. Hence, 8 doors will be: 20,000 * 8 = ₦160,000.

For steel doors, the cost is 35,000 per one. Therefore, the two will be 35,000 * 2 = ₦70,000.

Windows: according to the design about 10 windows will be needed, we will be using aluminum windows of different sizes. The estimated cost of one with frame is 20,000. Although prices vary according to quality.

Hence, for all the windows the cost will be 10 * 2000 =  ₦200,000.

Iron burglary: estimated cost of iron burglary proof is 10 * 8,500 = ₦85,000

Labor cost: the estimated total cost of labor for both doors, windows, and iron burglary = ₦200,000

The total cost of Doors, Frames, Aluminum windows and burglary frames ₦160,000 + ₦70,000 + ₦200,000 + ₦85,000 + ₦200,000 = 715,000 or $1869.28

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Cost of Plastering a 3 bedroom bungalow

The breakdowns are as follows

Cement: About 100 bags of cement will be needed. The cost per bag is ₦2,600. Hence, the total cost for 100 bags will be 100 * 2600 = ₦260,000

Sand: About four(4) trips of sand will be needed also for plastering. The cost of one trip(10tons) of sand is ₦25,000.
Therefore, cost for four(4) trips will be 25,000 * 4 = ₦100,000

Labor: estimated cost of labor: ₦150,000.

Therefore, the total cost of Plastering  a 3 bedroom bungalow = 510,000 or $1333.33

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Cost of Fencing  the 3 bedroom bungalow

The cost breakdowns are as follows

Block: Importantly, the cost of fencing is measured by a plot of land. About five thousand (2,050) pieces of blocks will be required for a plot of land. Cost per 9″ is ₦200, and Cost per 6″ is ₦180
Therefore, the estimated cost of 2,050 pieces of blocks will be 2,050 * 200 = ₦410,000

Cement: 100 bags will be needed for block work and plastering. The cost per bag is ₦2,600
Hence, total cost for 100 bags will be 100 * 2,600 = ₦260,000

Gate: estimated cost of good quality gate ranges from 150,000 to 5,000,000 = ₦150,000

Labor cost: To lay one block, it cost a minimum of ₦60 and a maximum of ₦80, although it depends on the area or location of the building project. Therefore, the estimated cost of labor for laying blocks on the fence is 60 * 2,050 = ₦123,000.

The cost of Granite and sand to be used on the 2 pillars that will hold the gate (also the sand will be used for the mud to lay the blocks)  = ₦30,000

The estimated cost of planks and Iron rod to be used on the fence =25,000

Estimated Labor cost for plastering the fence and laying of the 2 pillars = ₦30,000

Hence, estimated total cost of constructing the fence :  ₦410,000 + 260,000 + ₦150,000 + ₦123,000 + ₦30,000 + ₦25,000 + ₦30,000= 1,028,000 or $2691.80

Note: if you were to do this in a waterlogged area the cost of fencing will be higher

Cost of painting and tiling 3 bedroom bungalow

The breakdowns are as follows:

The cost of tiles and painting will also be determined by the drawing. According to the drawing, the estimated price of  paint needed is ₦450,000 and that of tiles is ₦300,000

Labor: The estimated cost of labor work for tiling and painting = ₦200,000

Cost of cement: about 20 bags of cement will be needed for tiling work. which is 2,600 * 20 = ₦52,000

Cost of other tiling material:  ₦20,000

The estimated total cost of tiling and painting 3 bedroom bungalow: ₦450,000 + ₦300,000 + ₦200,000 + ₦52,000 + ₦20,000 = 1,022,000 or 2651.86

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Conclusion: Bill of quantity for a 3 bedroom bungalow in Nigeria 2020

From the above calculation, the estimated total amount required to build a simple 3 bedrooms bungalow and fencing is ₦1,269,500 + 1,056,800 + 1,012,000 + ₦715,000 + ₦510,000 + ₦1,028,000 + ₦1,022,000 = ₦6,613,300 or $17316.84

Nevertheless is essential to budget for other miscellaneous expenses.

Please Note: this cost was derived at the price of ₦2,700 for a bag of cement, this simply means that the cost of building a 3 bedrooms bungalow is subject to variation. Depending on the materials increase or decrease.

If you have a specific budget, you may want to use for this kind of project, feel free to connect with us lets discuss and work things out.

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If you are in or outside Nigeria and you intend to start a building project, you may want to know how much it will cost you to finish the project.

Please feel free to contact us. Our Quantity Surveyors(QS) are always here and willing to assist in getting a recommended budget or cost for your building construction.

However, the good news is that you can plan and build it at your own pace once you ascertain the cost of building, you must not have the whole money at once rather you can build it as the money comes in.

This is part of the reason you need a QS for costing so that you can know the estimated cost of building your desired house and plan yourself better towards the source of funds and completion of the project.

Why you need the service of a QS for costing your project

Knowing the cost of a project before commencing on it is so important. It helps the owner to plan & budget financially on how to go about it before starting the project. That is, know the time frame, how and when to start, who to use for the project, and the best time to start.

Secondly, to prevent people from robbing you on-site during construction especially project managers or family members who may want to use the avenue to make more money for themselves.

Also, it helps to avert project abandonment which is becoming a norm here in Nigeria. That is why I strongly advise anyone who intends to start any building projects to quickly engage the service of the quantity surveyor (QS) for the bill of quantities.

Honestly, that is the best step to follow before starting any building project. Sometimes people tend to shy away from their services probably because they are not aware of it or because of the professional fee.

The question is, is it better to start a project and get it abandoned (end it halfway) or get robbed than to pay a QS to get the cost of the project at each stage and beyond?

In other to help you plan and work with the stipulated budget.

The answer is yours. Meanwhile, if you need the service of a quantity surveyor (QS)we have experienced professionals that will prepare a good bill of quantities for your projects.

Also, if you need the services of an experienced Architect and Certified Engineer for your building construction Project. Get in touch with us today.

When is the right time to engage a QS for their services?

The best time to engage a QS is the moment you are financially ready to execute the project, by then you should have your land and the drawings ready.

So that the cost of material at the time of preparing the bill will still be the same or slightly differ during construction.

Calculations: How to calculate the cost of labor for block setting

The average cost of  6 inches hollow block is ₦180 and 9 inches hollow block is ₦200, while the cost of setting or laying one block is between ₦60 to ₦80 depend on the area.

Hence, to calculate the labor cost of Setting or laying 5000 blocks for a bungalow:

For a minimum of 60 Naira, you have 60 x 5000 = ₦300,000
For a maximum of 80 Naira,  you have 80 x 5000 = ₦400,000

The above calculations will help to make a better decision when negotiating.

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Important tips about buying Land

Land for sale in sangotedo lagos Nigeria

What do you know about buying land? Do You Know That:

  1. Buying a Land that is believed to be “free” but it has no Certificate of Occupancy or Governors Consent or Gazette / Excision is a gamble?
  2. If the Title of a Land is defective, whoever buys a House built on such a Land is merely a tenant at the mercy of the true Owner with a valid legal Title to the Land? The Legal Maxim: “quicquid plantatur solo, solo cedit” is very instructive. It simply means that whatever is affixed or planted to a land belongs to the land.
  3. Buying a Land with “Gazette in Process” and “Excision in View” or “File Numbers” is an unsecured investment? This is a commonly used scam/trick by real estate development companies in Lagos, Nigeria.
  4. There are cases where fraudulent Sellers present cloned Certificate of Occupancy or Registered Titles, alongside with fake or forged means of identification?
  5. In a situation where a property is owned by a Corporate Body incorporated or registered under the Companies and Allied Matters Act, Search at the Companies Registry is paramount?
  6. Without a grant of probate and /or letters of administration, no Vendor or Seller [whether family members or otherwise] possesses the requisite authority to sell the estate or property of a deceased person? Hence Search at the Probate Registry is vital.
  7. The consent of the principal members and head of the family or community to the sales transaction needs to be obtained so as not to make the sales transaction void or voidable?
  8. It is the duty of the Lawyer of the Buyer or Purchaser to prepare the Documents which includes: Contract of Sale; and Deed of Assignment; or Deed of Sub-Lease; or Deed of Conveyance; or Deed of Transfer; or Power of Attorney; as the case maybe? The rationale for which the duty of preparation of the Documents is on the Lawyer of the Buyer or Purchaser flows from the right of the Buyer or Purchase to the non-reversionary interest of the property.
  9. If there is litigation on a property, the Court may order that status quo be maintained and the person in possession would remain in possession? After making payments and executing Title Documents, a Buyer can take possession by erecting a small fence, farming on the property, putting tenants on the property, putting a security person on the property, putting construction materials on the property, etc.
  10. The Land Use Act prohibits alienation of Land without the consent of the Governor.
  11. Failure to pay stamp duty renders a title document unacceptable for registration and inadmissible in evidence in a court of law?

Land for sale in Abuja

In conclusion: You need to know how to go about the process of buying and owning a property in Nigeria. There are several laws that govern and regulate the process. Hence, usually, it is time and capital-intensive. On Property transactions, the legal maxim is appropriate: “Caveat Emptor”.

If you are the Buyer, please beware. It is not for a Seller to beware. A Buyer needs to exercise full caution and due diligence when buying a property here in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, I have written an amazing article that will also guide you on things you need to know before buying any property. Click here to read.

Some simply guide to follow on how to buy property [Land or House] in Nigeria:

  1. Identify the objectives.
  2. Conduct a physical inspection of the property.
  3. Hire professionals to conduct a property search.
  4. Documentation and payments.
  5. Take possession.
  6. Processing of governors’ consent & registration of documents with the State Government.

You may also read:

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I hope you find this guide helpful. If you have any questions, feedback, corrections, and suggestions please feel free to drop them in the comment box below.

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