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How to invest in Epe properties (Land & Houses) in Lagos and make huge returns today

How to invest in Epe properties (Land & Houses) in Lagos and make huge returns today

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Are you an investor, looking forward to investing in Epe with an expectation of getting a high return on your investment?

In this post, I have written some guidelines and strategies that will guide you on how to make your next investment in Epe Lagos Nigeria.

There are strategies to invest in properties, especially when it comes to getting a good return on your investment.

As we know, Epe & Ibeju-Lekki are the hottest places that are fast selling in terms of property investment and land banking in Lagos Nigeria right now.

As a matter of fact, plots of land in Epe have 2 times double their price in the last 6 months.

Many estate developers in Lagos have moved to Epe and acquired massive landed properties in different locations for sale.

This is to tell you how well Epe is going to be developed in the next 5 to 10 years. Epe is definitely going to be like Lekki, Ajah where you will have different estates and high demand for residential properties.

Your investment in Epe today is definitely a sure deal…

If you are looking forward to investing in Epe now is affordable check out our current selling landed properties in Epe Or send us a message. Let us discuss how we can help you to make that profitable investment today.

Here are the tips on how to invest in Epe.

Before I proceed I will like to mention that Epe has 2 boundaries. There is the part that falls within the Lagos state part of Nigeria, also there is a part that falls within the Ogun state part of the country. The location of the property influences the price of the property.

Also you can access Epe via 3 different rout Example via

  • Lekki Epe express road
  • Ikorodu road
  • Ijebu Ode & Sagamu road.

Having said that let’s dive into the main topic. Below are the tips on how to invest in Epe

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1) Get to know some locations & their landmarks and see their future potential

Whenever you are ready to invest in Epe the first question you should ask, is the location of the property and the closes landmarks.

This will help you to know what you are investing in and if it matches your purpose.

Although, most times realtors tend to miss informed some of their clients. That is why is always good to inspect a property by yourself before you make that initial deposit.

I have seen some realtors advertising property in Ketu Epe and they will be using the Dangote refinery as landmarks, please that is false information.

2) Chose some interesting locations to invest in based on your budget

After being aware of different locations and their closest landmarks, then try to choose locations that best suit your interest.

Don’t just buy what you are being marketed for, ask questions, get to see more properties selling in Epe, and make your final decision based on your budget and interest.

For example, you can choose to buy in the Poka, Ilara, or Iragushi areas of Epe. These different locations have different landmarks. So the location you chose determines the price and the landmarks you are investing in.

3) Spread your investment budget across 2 to 3 different locations to maximize your return.

Having chosen your preferred locations, the next thing is to spread your investment across 2 to 3 different locations so that you can invest in different landmarks.

The reason is that, if location A is not developing fast enough to generate massive returns, location B or C may experience massive development on time.

Unlike when you do all your investment in locations with the same landmarks, you will be like I invested in Epe why is my own not getting a huge return like that of my friend.

The key point to take here is that don’t invest in locations that have the same landmarks. Spread your investments to different locations of different landmarks.

If you intend to buy only 1 plot, what you need is to check locations that fit within your budget.

The above-mentioned tips are the best strategies you should apply, for better return on investment. If you want to buy 6 plots, buy 2 in location A of different landmarks, buy another 2 in location B of different landmarks then buy the remaining 2 in location C.

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Some popular towns (locations) in Epe and their landmarks

Some popular towns (locations) in Epe and their landmarks

Like I said earlier before you invest in Epe, endeavor to find out the location and the landmarks so you know what you are investing in.

Many times some realtors will be marketing property in Epe and they will be using Lekki free trade zone and Dangote Refinery.

Please note: Lekki free tree zone is not close to Epe also Dangote refinery is not close to Epe. Rather they are in Ibeju Lekki. Which is quite a distance from Epe.

Having said that let’s get to the topic. Below are some of the popular towns in Epe and their landmarks.

Aiyetoro, Temu, Oke-osho, Poka and Sala town:

These are one of the popular locations in Epe and are accessible via Lekki Epe express road. They are relatively very close to Epe Bridge or T-junction.

The popular landmarks in this area are the Epe Resort and Spa, and the proposed International Airport.

If you want to invest due to the proposed international Airport you should have some investment in any of those mentioned locations.

Note: the closest town to the proposed International airport is Aiyetoro and the price of a genuine plot around this location is higher than other locations

Check out >>> this property that is relatively close to the proposed International Airport.

Ketu, Itoikin Epe town:

The landmarks are Ketu food and logistics. These places are accessible via Itoikin Road & Ikorodu Road axis and are close to Isimi.

Please Note: there is part of Ketu Epe that is close to the proposed international airport and there is some area that is not.

Professional advice:

After buying any freehold land in Epe today try and perfect your title documents.

Also note, there are places in Epe that are not freehold but are government acquisitions, an example of such a place is Ketu-Epe.

Please don’t buy such properties, always endeavor to chart the coordinates in other to know the status of the land before purchase.

At the same time, if you want to invest in land banking, always go for those options where the real estate developers are also building in that estate.

This will enhance the quick return on investment on time and at the same time give more value to your investment.

Although the price may be higher but is better. Unlike when you subscribe to a place where the estate developer will just fence it and leave it there to appreciate.

Iragushi, Igbonla, Ilara town

These areas are accessible via the Ijebu-Ode expressway the landmark is Yabatech Campsu, St Agustine University, Michael Odedola College of Education

Mojoda and Igbonla

Falls in some parts of Ogun states. Like the border town between Lagos state and Ogun state.

This is within the Epe toll- gate. The landmarks are Yabatech Campus and St Agustine University.

Please note: be careful about land after Epe toll gate, because most of the land there are all Government acquisitions. If you must buy land there make sure you perfect/regularize the titles after purchase.

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Reasons you should position your business and investment in Epe today

Reasons you should position your business and investment in Epe today

Many people are investing in Epe for the purpose of land banking. But then that is not enough. You should also plan to position your business there because that is where the market is gradually going.

Below are some of the reasons you would want to position your investment in Epe right away

1) Affordability of commercial & residential properties:

Residential and commercial plot of land in Epe right now is still affordable. By the time Epe begins to have a population growth of 1.5 to 2 million people there will be massive demand for some goods and services like building materials, schools, banks, office space, Creach, residential homes, etc.

If you take advantage of the price of commercial & residential land now and acquire some acres of it in a good location.

By the next 5 to 10 years you will be among those who see business opportunity and dive into it wisely and you will be happy to yourself for making such investment.

2) To be among the first people to get there before the business starts booming up

When you position your business now in Epe before a multitude of people starts tripping there for business and residence.

By the time Epe is fully developed your business must have been one of the pioneers in that location thereby giving you more edge in terms of brand awareness and more customer Patronage.

3) Good road network

One fantastic thing about Epe is that it has good road network and you can access it via different rout.

The road that lead to Epe are currently tiled, also there will be more road network Example water ways and more roads construction.

Nothing like bad road or one entrance access point like what is going on now in Lekki, Victoria Island.

4) The New Lagos:

Epe is currently projected to be a new Lagos in the nearest future. The way Lekki Ajah is fully developed today is the same thing that is projected to occur in Epe.

As we know the Island of Lagos is the most expensive and one of the luxury places to invest in real estate as of today. The demands for houses and jobs are very high on that axis.

This same thing is projected to take place in Epe in the next 10 to 20years

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Some questions about properties in Epe

Below are some familiar questions people often ask about Epe property.

Freehold Title of land in Epe and how safe it is?

Most land in Epe right now has the title “Freehold”, this is because Epe is currently classified as a rural area.
The answer to that, for now, is safe but in the future is not safe.
The reason is that by the time Epe is fully developed because of many investments going to that place.
Epe will no longer be classified as a rural area rather it will be categorized as an Urban area, and this will then affect the freehold title that is on it right now.

Why is the real estate developers not perfecting the Freehold title in Epe right now?

This is because they are trying to maintain the affordable market price of Epe properties. Because if they go ahead to perfect the titles now to C of O the price will be very high at such investors will not want to invest at the price.

How much will it cost to build 2 or 3 bedroom bungalow in Epe today?

The most unique thing about Epe land is its topography. The land is 100% dry land. The construction of houses in Epe is going to be relatively less expensive to compare that of Lekki Ajah. It will take between ₦15,000,000 to ₦22,000,000 depending on the design of the house plan.

Why are people investing in landed properties in Epe massively right now?

You might have noticed that there lots of property ads in Epe lately and you may be asking why many people investing in that location.
The simple reason is that Epe is going to be massively developed. There is already a commission of a new proposed international air-port coming up close to the Epe axis.
There will be more beautiful amenities, residential homes, infrastructures, business opportunities, more good road networks, estates, and huge development coming up in Epe, especially with the help of these real estate developers around there.

What is cost of a plot of land in Epe now?

The estimated price of a plot of (600sqm) in Epe right now is between 900,000 to 35 million Naira depending on the location and the title document.
Please note: this price applies to estate land in Epe. Family land will be relatively cheaper but then it has a lot of its disadvantages.

Is buying properties in Epe a good investment?

Yes, positioning your property investment in Epe today is definitely a wise investment for you.

I hope you find it useful. I will love to hear your questions, feedback, challenges, and success story. Please leave your comment behind thank you. 

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