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Building Plan Approval Process in Ogun State

Building Plan Approval Process in Ogun State

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Do you want to know the building plan approval process in Ogun State? This post contains step by step guide on how to go about your building plan approval process in Ogun State; I believe this information will help you to avoid unnecessary stress and waste of time.


What do I need to process a Building Plan Permit in Ogun State?

Building Plan

  1. Evidence of payment of lease (cost of land) plus, ground rent and other fees up to date.
  2. 5 sets of Architectural drawings signed and sealed by ARCON Registered Architect.
  3. 5 sets of Structural/Civil Engineering Drawings signed and sealed by a COREN registered structural Engineer and 5 sets of Mechanical/Electrical Drawings signed and sealed by a COREN registered mechanical/electrical Engineer, where applicable (for residential buildings with one or more suspended floors, Commercial and Industrial Buildings).
  4. Original copy of the survey plan.
  5. Passport photograph.
  6. Stamp duty.
  7. Tax clearance.
  8. Development levy of ₦1000
  9. E.I.A Report written, signed, and sealed by a registered Town Planner, where applicable.
  10. Any other document as stipulated under the current Ogun State building codes and Urban and Regional Planning Law No 20 of 2005 as amended.

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Building Plan Approval Process in Ogun State

What are the processing steps or stages?

Step one: Get a Survey plan

Survey Plan is a document that measures the boundary of a parcel of land. It gives an accurate measurement, description of the piece of land, the size, and the drawn-out portion as mapped out on the survey plan document.survey plan

Please note:

  • The survey plan should be prepared and signed by a Registered Surveyor also marked with a red pen or marker along the boundaries of the proposed plot.
  • In each of the sheets of your site plan, you should paste (not stapled) the survey plan.
  • Where required, the survey plan should be contoured.

Cost of land survey in Ogun state

 The cost of a survey in Ogun state was increased in July 2017. The Nigeria Institution of Surveyors Ogun state branch reviewed its scale of fees upwards due to the dynamics of the economic situation as related to professional practice and instrumentation.

Before the review, the least cost for a registered survey of a plot of land in Ogun state was N120,000 (One hundred and twenty thousand Naira only) but now it is N150,000 (One hundred and fifty thousand Naira only).

There are two things to note:

  1. As stated earlier, the least cost for a registered survey of a plot of land is now N150,000 (One hundred and fifty thousand Naira only).
  2. Just like Lagos, the cost of a survey in Ogun state depends on the location. For the purpose of survey costing, Ogun state is divided into three major areas/zones. They are; General Area, Prime Area, and Special Prime Area. The minimum cost of a survey in these areas is N 150,000, N 215,000, and N 700,000 respectively.

General Area: Lands that fall outside urban or semi-urban areas
Prime Area: Lands that fall within urban or semi-urban areas
Special Prime Areas: Land that is situated along major highway routes and within urban and commercial areas in the state.

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Step two: Get a Site Plan

Note: The Site Plan should be drawn to scale 1:100 and include the following details:

  • A scale of not less than 1:1000
  • Showing the geographical north point;
  • Showing direction of gate swing;
  • Indicating sizes and locations of all proposed developments e.g buildings, septic tanks and soak-away pits, drive-way(s), and parking areas in relation to all existing structures;
  • Showing existing structures to be demolished (if any) on the site, to provide space for the proposal;
  • Showing adjoining roads, parking spaces, fence, details of drainage scheme of how all surface and storm waters from the property and those from the adjoining properties will be drained.
  • Land-use Analysis must be indicated on the site plan
  • Indicate orientation; that is the geographical North.
  • Indicate correctly all the beacon numbers as is shown on the survey plan.
  • The block plan of the buildings showing the horizontal and vertical dimensions.
  • All septic and sanitary fittings reticulation must be indicated appropriately.
  • Indicate access ways, driveways, and parking spaces.
  • Residential use – 2 car parking spaces per family unit.
  • Commercial use – 3 car parking spaces for every 100 sqm of the total lettable floor space.
  • Industrial use – 2 car parking spaces for every 100 sqm of lettable floor space.

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Step Three: Get Working Drawings / Architectural Drawings

3D interior Architectural Design -Planet Ville Estate


  • Working drawings are supposed to be drawn to a scale of not less than 1:100 (i.e. 1: 100, 1:75, 1:50) and it should show dimension drawings of all the floors, basements, elevations, foundations, sections, roof plans.
  • Building proposals in sloping areas should indicate detailed handling of topography e.g. stepped foundation, basement, etc.
  • Drawings to be submitted for a proposed building and ancillary building(s) should include at least two sections (cross and longitudinal) sufficient to explain the scheme with dimensions to scale 1:50; and one of which must be cut through the staircase in the case of a two-story building. For ancillary buildings, i.e. guest chalet or boys’ quarter, either a longitudinal section or a cross-section should be submitted.
  • Elevations of at least the front, rear, and one side should be shown to reflect the height, floor levels, and other relevant particulars. The elevations should be on a scale of not less than 1:100.
  • Lettering/Stenciling on all drawings to be submitted should be in ink not in pencil for approval.
  • Title and Information Panel: you should indicate the relevant name(s)/initials against the “Designed” “Drawn”, “Traced” and “Check

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Step Four: Get Electrical/Mechanical and Structural Engineering Drawings 

Note: Submission in respect of basement or two-story structures (ground and first floor) and above should be accompanied with structural engineering drawings, details, and calculation sheets to meet the following requirements. Engineering drawings should be submitted with convenient scales as follows:-

  1. General Arrangement 1:100
  2. Profiles and Sections 1:75; 1:50; 1:33
  3. Large sections 1:25; 1:10
  4. Foundations, Walls, Beams, Slabs, and all other structural elements.
  5. Services details – plumping, electrical, air-conditioning, ventilation, and low voltage electrical installations.
  6. All structural drawings and details with calculation sheets and services drawings must be prepared by a registered structural Engineer(s) and registered services Engineers respectively, and bear their signatures and seal.

Step Five: Submission of Documents

Submission of 5 copies of Architectural Plan, Engineering Drawings, and E.I.A report (where applicable) to the Town Planning Department of the Corporation, along with a cover letter. You will also deliver a copy of the cover letter (acknowledged by the Town Planning department) to the office of the General Manager.


  • All building plans in respect of plots on Ogun State Housing Corporation Estates should first be submitted to the Corporation for clearance/approval before applying for necessary approval of the Area Planning Authority (i.e. The Bureau of Urban & Regional Planning).
  • One main building, with suitable out-building(s), is to be erected on each plot, and such building(s) are to be used strictly for residential purposes approved by the Corporation. (Two suitable outbuildings means one boys’ quarter with a maximum of two rooms and a two bedrooms guest chalet).
  • All buildings are to be constructed of sand cement blocks, burnt bricks, or stone and are to be roofed with asbestos or aluminum roofing sheets or any other roofing materials approved by the Corporation. Flat reinforced concrete roofs will be permitted for the main buildings of suitable design.
  • There should be a minimum setback of 6.0 meters from the front beacons/boundary.
  • There should be a minimum of 3.0 meters between the main building, the rear, and the side boundary of the plot. Where there are ancillary buildings, i.e. guest chalets or boys’ quarters, there should be a setback of at least 3.0 meters from the main building or any other building or structure.
  • Site Coverage should not exceed percentages applicable in the following residential zones:-
  • High-Density Zone: 45% of the total site area. A maximum of two flats with a suitable ancillary building consisting of two habitable rooms for each flat is allowed.
  • Medium Density Zone: 40% of the total site area. A maximum of two flats, a duplex, or single-family housing unit is permissible with a suitable ancillary building consisting of two habitable rooms for each unit. If the proposal is a single-family unit house, a two-bedroom guest chalet is allowed plus the two-bedroom boys’ quarter.
  • Low-Density Zone: 35% of the total site area. A single family-housing unit is permissible with boys’ quarter with a maximum of three habitable rooms and a two-bedroom guest chalet

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Step Six: Submission Of Technical Report/Environmental Impact Assessment / Buildability Report

At the time of submitting an application for a development Permit you should also submit a detailed Technical/Environmental Impact Analysis Repor, buildability, and maintainability analysis report as may be required in respect of the application form:

  • Residential land in excess of ½ hectare or development in excess of 3 floors or 6 family units;
  • Factory building or expansion of factory building:
  • Office or other commercial buildings; such as shopping complex, Hall, etc.
  • Places of worship with user capacity exceeding 50 persons
  • Major recreational development covering more than 2,000 square meters;
  • Institutional buildings and public buildings; such as schools etc.
  • Petrol/gas filling and service stations;
  • Telecommunication towers and stations;
  • Advertisement billboards of unusual sizes and heights, urban furniture;
  • Change of use of existing development;
  • Tank farm and refinery
  • Any other building as may be specified in the Regulations made pursuant to Ogun State Urban and Regional Planning Law 2005.


  1. When submitting an application for a change of use you should also submit a Technical Report prepared by relevant professionals registered to practice in Nigeria.
  2. Before the commencement of any work on the site, you should submit a production document for the project which is supposed to be prepared by a builder registered to practice in Nigeria. 

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Step Seven: Calculation of Assessment

Calculation of Assessment using the Length × Breadth x Height x Rate (depending on the location) and penal fees (if applicable).

Step Eight: Payment of Assessment Fees

After getting an official government assessment and endorsement of your design, you’ll be required to pay a fee that is calculated based on your proposed design. Pay the fee to the bank.

Step Nine: Confirmation of payment by Accounts Department.

After payment, you should make sure that the accounting department confirms the receipt of your payment.

Step Ten: Physical Inspection

For further processing; Engineering and Building Departments (for vetting), Town Planning Department will be sent to the site for Physical Inspection.

This is to ensure that the land is still vacant, and also other attributes of the building correspond to what you have in the documents you presented. The Site Inspector, Charting officer, Architect, and Site Engineer will write their reports. A difference in land size or other attributes presented on the plan and the actual land attributes could lead to problems.

Please note:

  • Clearly indicate the beacon numbers as shown on the survey plan on block work on the site.
  • Monitor them so that they don’t visit the wrong site.

Step Eleven: Forwarding of Corporation stamps drawings to the Ministry of Physical Planning (MUPP)

You should forward Corporation stamps drawings to the Ministry of Physical Planning (MUPP) for further processing. If submitted drawings are found to have satisfied all statutory requirements (It is the responsibility of the allot-tee to ensure with all other statutory requirements at the Urban and Regional Planning Board)

Step Twelve: Payment of MUPP fee

You will be asked to pay a fee by the Ministry of Physical Planning (MUPP). Thereafter the MUPP will return the approved plans to OGSHC.

Step thirteen: OGSHC contacts applicant for pick up

After the successful submission of all the required documents and associated payment. OGSHC will contact you to pick up the approved plan.

Please note:

After the approval of the building plan, a copy of the approved building plan by the Corporation and the Area Planning Authority must be kept on-site for inspection at all times during the period of construction.

Building Plan Approval Process in Ogun State may be a lot easier if you followed the due processes correctly.

Meanwhile, if you need someone to process it for you, we are here, just contact us using any of our contact details displayed on this site.

Please note: Regarding enquiring about how much it will cost to do the building plan. It is important to know that the cost can only be determined through your drawing. That is to say, if you want to know the cost, you have to submit the building drawings for evaluation and calculations.

Sample of full drawings and documentation of proposed building plan approval


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I hope you find it useful. I will love to hear your questions, feedback, challenges, and success story. Please do leave your comment behind. Feel free to share the link to your different social media platforms

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    1. hello Segun, in other for us to know the cost we will need to evaluate your architectural drawings.

  3. For a proposed one storey building that has 3 shops down stairs and 3 shops upstairs in the front and at the back, 2 mini flat up stairs and 2 mini flat down stairs , what is going to be the cost of getting the approval number?

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    1. Hello Fela, we can only determine the cost of the building plan through your architectural drawing. for your second question. Yes, we do architectural drawings in Ogun State as for the cost we will like to get some details from you. Thanks

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    1. Hello Tessy, the cost can only be determined when you submit your architectural drawing for costing

  7. your information is very useful seriously. please what can I do in the situation below: I already did the survey red copy and I started processing the building plan approval but about 2 years after, I bought additional half a plot making 1.5 plots. is there any need to go back to correct the survey and also do i need to go back to the town planning to change the survey copy too. Also, you didnt talk about deed of assignment with omo onile, are you saying only receipt is necessary here?

    1. Hello Jide, If the new plot is sharing boundary with the old plot you can either do a separate survey for the new one or do a revised survey to capture the old and new plots so they can be in one name. On your second question, the answer is No. “Deed of assignment” is one of the most important documents you must sign with the seller when purchasing a property.

  8. At least there should be a regulated price that is tag to any type of structure you tend to clear or seek approval for from the town planner office or community.

    Bungalow, duplex etc. Should atleast have a tag and steady price placed online or added to your information for easy access and process.

    1. hello Mike, We don’t have a steady price rather we have a steady calculation formula e.g Lenght x Breadth x Height x Rate and it depends on location.

  9. Thanks for the information posted. You didn’t give updates on when there is problem during inspection. If a town plan officer comes to inspect and found out that the owner builds a shop to secure the land. The come up with paying penalties. 10 times of what you paid for building permit. It is very outrageous.
    How can someone handle this situation.

    1. Hello Victor, by law you are not expected to build anything on the land without getting an approved building permit. To answer your question, in this case, you have to plead with them to reduce the penalty cost or let go of it.

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