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What we Do: Real Estate Services

affordable land for sale in Abuja

We sell genuine and verified pieces of land across the different states in Nigeria. A land with proper title document. A property that has a very high return on investment. Because we understand that satisfying one client, can result in getting more clients as a referrer.

Land for sale in Lagos

Selling of land is not just a business to us but a passion to help people to acquire a genuine landed property that will give them peace of mind and return of investment. Also to guide and help privileged people to become a landowner.

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The selling of luxurious and portable houses is also part of our services. Every property we market on this website has a genuine title document with prove. That is to tell you how reliable our services can be.

We don’t just market any random properties, rather we select real and genuine developers to do business with. We have clients from different countries and states all over the world. So we treasure them and their patronage.

3/4 Bedroom Terraced House For Sale in Lekki Lagos Nigeria

Most of our houses are finished and equipped, some are not. It depends on client choice. The prices vary based on location, size, type, design, and quality.

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3/4 Bedroom Terraced House

We have registered architects with many years of experience who have handled several professional jobs. We design classic design that meets client expectations. We do both interior and exterior design.

Our designs speak for themselves. We don’t just design, but we design above customer’s expectations. We understand when it comes to architectural design that “space = cost” therefore we make sure we remove any un-useable space and make use of usable space.

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If you intend to renovate, build a house and you need the services of a registered architect feel free to contact us. Or if you are not satisfied with your current architect and you want to change him or her, do give us a call or send us a message. We will be glad to hear from you.

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hire an architect

Services of Quantity Surveyor

We offer quantity surveyor services in Lagos and some other states in Nigeria.

We have Qs from different states in Nigeria. But our Lagos team, are always standby to work and respond to client’s requests.

Are you an individual intending to build a house or start a project in Lagos state? Do you want to know the cost of your project before starting the construction?

Are you in overseas and you plan to start a project in Lagos Nigeria or any other state but you don’t know the cost?

Are you a company or an individual, wishes to engage the service of QS, in your project?

Then we are here for you. Choosing our experienced QS (Quantity surveyor) for that your project will enable you to plan and execute a successful project on time and on budget.

If you happen to be a company, then engaging our QS will give you an upper hand in getting that contract also will in turn give you a good profit on the project.

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Services of Quantity Surveyor

Exceptional Services

Our services are exceptional and unique, we put our client first. We make sure we go extra mile to satisfy our client also in getting all the necessary informations before the time of purchase.

We stop at nothing to make sure that our clients get the properties of their desire with no dispute.

If you are a company, an individual, church or an organization. Discover today how we can help you in getting a genuine and amazing property.


If you already have land and need professional architectural drawing and 3D modelling, get started by contacting us now.

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