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Private properties (land & houses) for sale in Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria




Looking forward to investing in affordable private properties in Ikorodu? We have some affordable private properties for sale in this location.

You requested we answer, we have provided another cheap/affordable private property to invest in.

We know that many people have been requesting affordable properties from us over time.

One of the advantages of buying property in the Ikorodu area of Lagos is that you don’t need to do a raft foundation or pilling when developing your property.

A normal foundation is enough for the building as such saving you a huge amount on the foundation level/stage.

There may be land everywhere to buy from, but there are lands that are better than others. A land that will not propel you to spend more during the construction stage definitely is the best land to go for.

For an instant, you are to buy land and build a 3-bedroom bungalow on it. The cost of achieving this should be your priority before starting the project.

That is why if you are a good investor you don’t just jump and secure a property, rather you seat and think properly about your main goal of subscribing before purchasing it.

Below are our current selling private properties in Ikorodu, more pictures & videos are available on our social media handles.

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We bring to you this bungalow currently seating on a plot of land for sale. The documents are available for verification.

Private property for sale in Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria

Price: ₦13,000,000 asking
Location: Agbede transformer, Ikorodu Lagos, Nigeria
Title: Registered Survey & Receipt

If your goal of buying property is to build on it with little budget, this is the right location to go for.

A location that will not cost you much to build, to compare to other places in Lagos.

Also, a property that will give you true ownership after purchase is a property worth investing in.

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 Advantage of buying this property

  • The price: is selling below the market value.
  • Return on investment is massively high.
  • High demand for houses in this location.
  • Good neighborhood
  • Free from any known Government acquisition.

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  • Ikorodu Mega City Project
  • New Mile 12 Market
  • Caleb University
  • Several Gated estates.
  • And many others.

What then are you waiting for? Be a part of those that made the wisest decision of buying property at a reduced cost. Contact us today let us show you around and help you to secure this wise investment.

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