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Cheap land to buy in Epe


Cheap and investable plots of land for sale with high return on investment


Are you looking forward to acquiring genuine and affordable plots of land in Lagos Nigeria?

Here comes another great investment opportunity to either invest for high returns or get on your homeownership ladder by buying a genuine yet affordable piece of land.

With the offer of the first few plots for an introductory promotion price for early investors. This is the best time for you to invest and watch your investment grow sporadically.

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Property Details:

We are delighted to bring you an extension of the recently launched KEY HAVEN PHASE 4, TOMOBA, EPE

This promising estate land is located in a peaceful neighborhood in the Tomoba area of Igboye, Igbonla, and Majoda area of Epe.

Tomoba falls within the Ogun State Jurisdiction and has entry through Majoda Bus Stop, in the very near future, KEY HAVEN PHASE 4EXTENSION will be less than 10mins drive from the popular Majoda Modern Market and the major Expressway in Epe.

Key Haven 4 Extension is adjacent to Key Haven Phase4 It is a complete dry land and it’s located just about a 10minutes drive from Key Haven Phase 3 and a 15minutes drive from Augustine University, Ilara Epe, Lagos.

Location: Tomoba, Epe, Lagos State, Nigeria. .

Title: Registered Survey. Global C of O in view.


₦750,000 per 600sqm for outright payment
Documentation fee – N250,000
Infrastructural Fee – N250,000

Why you must live or invest in this unique estate


  • Epe Resort and Spa
  • Yaba College of *Technology(Epe Campus)
  • Newly tarred Constructed Roads
  • Lagos State University (Epe campus)
  • Eredo LGA
  • St Augustine University
  • Igbonla Government Model College


  • Beautiful Gatehouse
  • Perimeter Fencing
  • Beautiful Estate Layout
  • Earth Roads
  • Electricity
  • Portable Water
  • Estate Security
  • Walkways

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Frequently asked questions you may want to ask on this property

What type of infrastructure will the developer provide?

  • Beautiful Gatehouse
  • Excellent Security System
  • Paved Roads
  • Estate Mall
  • Portable Water
  • GateHouse
  • Electricity
  • Worship Area
  • Green area

If I buy multiple plots, will I pay a developmental fee for just one plot, or do I have to pay Per plot?

Developmental fees are used to provide infrastructures in the Estate; therefore, it must be paid per plot.

What does development fee covers?

It covers all the amenities to be provided in the estate

Will I pay for survey?

No, what you pay is a documentation fee which includes the survey, the deed of assignment, and other requirements for physical allocation. The fee for documentation is N250,000 (Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira per plot for 600sqm.

Will there be an agency fee?


Will there be extra charges for commercial plots and corner piece plots?

Yes, it attracts an additional 25% of the prevailing property price.

When will my plots be allocated to me?

After full payments.

What documents do I get after full payment?

Receipt, Invoice, Acknowledgement letter, Contract of Sale, Survey, and Deed of Assignment.

Is there any time limit to commence work on my land after allocation?

No, however, subscribers are required not to leave their land vacant for a reasonable amount of years e.g 5 – 10 years. Also, owners are required to maintain their undeveloped plots, especially a must when people start residing in there for the safety of the residents living in the estate

Can I re-sell my plot(s)?

Yes, but you will have to inform the company so that they can be a proper transfer of ownership.

Can I pay cash to your agent?

No, all payments must be made to the company account

If I paid outright payments or installment payments for my plot(s) and I’m no longer interested; can I get a refund?

Yes, but it would be subject to getting another buyer, our company may buy back but it is subjected to 30% administration fee.

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