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Ways to know if an architect is good or qualify to handle your building project | Architect in Nigeria

Ways to know if an architect is good or qualify to handle your building project | Architect in Nigeria

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Are you looking to engage an architect in your building project in Nigeria? Please don’t mess up your project by engaging some inexperienced architects in Nigeria.

One can agree with me, that there is a difference between knowing a job and having only a certificate for the job.

There are many architects with certificates to show for it, but when it comes to having experience and knowledge of the job they are below the average.

Now the question is, how will I know if the architects I intend to use for my building project has what it takes and also knows the job?

 Read until the end of this article as I explain in detail the tricks, quality, and ways to know if an architect is good for the job.

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Who is an architect?

An architect is a trained professional who is qualified to draw, plan, design, and oversees all the building projects. He or she also provides advice to both aesthetic and technical building projects.

What are the responsibilities of an architect?

One of the key responsibilities of an architect in a building project is to draw. He/she translates client vision into physical designs, also help to manage and actualize its dream through designs and supervision of works

What should I expect from an architect before hiring him or her?

You should expect someone with good experience, referenced works, expertise with good ideas. He should be willing to supervise the project from time to time. Also, the type of works done in the past should prove to you that he or she has the skill, resources, and knowledge to meet your needs.

Irrespective of what type of project involved, an architect should be able to schedule a meeting with a client, listen to his/her ideas, suggest his opinion and conclude with him/her on the right type of design that will suit the client specifications.

Thereafter, draw and also develop a design that will fit the requirement. At the same time, considering the site conditions, building regulations, building plan approval requirements, cost implications, and other government rules and regulations.

Meanwhile, when designing, an architect should work with a quantity surveyor in other to implement the right material and to avert any extra cost during project implementation. 

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At what stage should I engage the service of an Architect?

At the planning stage. Whenever it comes a time you plan or contemplate building a house whether big or small, new or renovating the existing one, you need to consult the service of an architect.

When you involve an architect at the planning state, He will help you to aviate any unforeseen disaster or mistake on time, work with your budget, at the same time save you some money, as well as clarify your idea and requirement.

He will guide you according to government rules & regulations governing that location, also possibly recommend capable hands that will help to achieve the project goals as the project progresses.

How to know if you are hiring a good architect to design your building in Nigeria

How to know if you are hiring a good architect to design your building in Nigeria

  1. By asking professional questions:

Whenever you intend to hire the services of an architect, it is imperative to ask some professional questions in order to know how qualified the person is. Through such questions, you will then grade or degrade an architect, at the same time know his or her capabilities. Before given the person the job.

Now, the question is, what kind of professional questions should I ask an architect?

Below are some examples of questions you should ask an architect before engaging him or her.

What to ask an architect before hiring

  • After your brief explanations to him concerning your ideal building, ask him or her: “From my explanations of the kind of building I have in mind, have you done a similar project in the past?”
  • May I see some of your previous works?
  • If he/she happens to have done some completed project that interests you, request to visit the place by asking: “May you give me the address of the location?”
  • If he/she has not done any project within the location you intend to start your project. Then ask him/her: “How familiar are you with building project details and requirements around the same location? So as not to affect the building plan approval”.
  • If he/she has not done any project within the location, also ask: “do you know of anyone who has done some project around that area?
  • Are you a registered architect?
  • For how many years have you been practicing?
  • How much will it cost to get it done?
  • Enquire if any of the project he or she tends to have done if he/she physically inspect the project or only did the design.
  • Finally ask him or her what design, idea, or professional concept can he give to you based on your explanations of your desired and intending building project.

The outcome of these questions will help you to understand his capabilities and experience.

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  1. Ability to design according to client budget

A well-experienced architect is expected to have handled different kinds of projects, be it big small medium, or large. Therefore, designing according to the client’s budget should be part of his/her years of experience.

Thus, in other to work with the client’s budget, he/she should be accustomed to the project scope, labor works, building materials, and possibly the best material that will go along with the client’s budget.

Nevertheless, it is expected that irrespective of the project budget and status (new or renovating), a good architect should be able to draw and design better drawing after being brief by the client. Keeping in mind all government rules and building plan approval requirements.

Meanwhile, an architect may design based on budget, but some extra costs may be incurred during the construction of the building by unskilled engineers, laborers, or builders. That is why it is explicitly important that the architect make sure that the detailed drawing is closely followed and implemented.

  1. Demonstrate Professional Skill

When a client engages the services of an architect, it is his/her duty to explain in detail what exactly he wants from an architect. But then, a well skillful and professional architect will translate a client request to something better, by adding his expertise to produce a healthier result.

But most times inexperienced architects will only want to focus on client requests, forgetting that they can actually give a client better services than what he actually requesting.

Hence, when engaging an architect, endeavor to look out for his/her professional expertise in your request, this will facilitate your confidence in his work. An ability for him to guide you and give you a better result than what you presented will build a business relationship and trust.

  1. Quality of works done in the past

After engaging a shot meeting with the architect, it is absolutely necessary to visit any of the projects he or she may claim to have done. By so doing it will give you confidence, at the same time it will help you to know if you are actually trusting your project to a good hand.

When you have seen the quality of his/her works, then you will be able to conclude if you can go ahead with his/her services.

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Quality of a good architect | what makes a good architect

Quality of a good architect _ What makes a good architect

Good communication skill

In other to deploy excellent work as an architect, he or she should have good communication skills as to understand and meet client expectations. Most error or mistakes made on a building project is mostly lack of proper communications. Irrespective of what type of communication channel (either written or oral) that are involved, it is paramount for an architect to properly express and communicate in detail.

His/her works revolve around clients, engineers, builders, etc. so any misunderstanding or lack of communications from any of these parties could lead to bad works, waste of money, or probably disaster.

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Good customer services

Every successful transaction started with a good customer relationship. A good architect should be able to know how to relate with a client nicely and calmly during the period of the transaction. At the same time be able to carry his client along on situations of things at every stage in the project.

He should know what information, and how to place the information to a client so as not to affect the agreement or rather reduce client trust in his/her capability.

Meanwhile, if at the time of the project, something happens to go wrong, a good architect should know ways to handle both the client and the issue involved. In other not to create a rift between him and the client.

The truth is that some clients will come exhibiting different characters that are offensive, but then, a sensible and good architect will devise a means to handle such clients for long term goals.

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Ability to build long term relationship with a client

I believe business relationships are meant to be a long term journey. That is while it is paramount that a good architect should understand the importance of trust, quality works, and a good relationship with clients.

It is imperative for an architect to render a service that will motive a client to always contact him/her for services or possibly refer a client to him.

In other to build long-term relationships, an architect is expected to impress his client from the first contact throughout the business deal. This is archive by fulfilling client requests, expectations, or needs in a better and professional angle.

The drawing should be detailed

One of the requirements for building approval is a detailed drawing, so any good architect is supposed to be aware of it. Also, the drawing should be used to obtain quotations.

The drawings are expected to show a detailed design and arrangement of building component such as internal fittings, stairs fireplaces, etc. the specifications is expected to describe details of materials, construction products, fixtures, land size, bedroom size, fittings, etc.

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Being successful in business requires one to have a business mindset. The same applies to an architect. To be a successful and good architect, it is important you govern your thoughts by been business-oriented.

A business-minded architect will also showcase or advertise his expertise at every given opportunity. He or she understands that anyone is a potential client, it may not be an immediate client but can be a referrer or future client.

Also, he/she understands the journey ahead as such would always endeavor to treat and communicate to anyone professionally. Therefore, a good architect wouldn’t see one client as only a customer but rather he/she sees it as an open door to get more clients.

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Ability to deliver on time

When a client engages an architect for a project. The ability to deliver within the stipulated time is part of what qualifies him as a good architect.

Some architect delays project to the extent that the client may be propelled to engage the services of other architects. This type of problem is mostly caused if the architect has other projects that he/she is handling that often divert his attention, or he/she may not have the resource or manpower to execute the project requirement instead has to rely on someone else to achieve the desired result.

For instance, if an architect has a drawing to present to client A that is expected to take a maximum of two(2) weeks at the same time has a building project with client B that is to complete the supervision within the same period, if he is not able to finish either of the projects within the specified period, he is likely to lose client trust or confidence. But if he manages to execute the two projects excellently and timely then, he has won the client’s heart as well as proof that he can deliver on time.

what to look at for when hiring an architect

  • Someone who should be able to design to your budget
  • An architect who can translate your requirements truly and produce a better result
  • An architect who can design a project that will stand and also be reliable in the long term.
  • An architect who will give you great customer service, and carry you along throughout the project durations.
  • An architect who will draw and design a project that doesn’t require a lot of expense to maintain over the life period of the building

Hire an architect online | find a professional home architect in Lagos Nigeria

We have registered, skill, experienced, and professional in-house architect that are ready to work with you. Irrespective of the scope, size, and nature of your building project. Our architects are naturally problem solvers. Whether you have an idea of your dream home or not. We will give you inspiration or ideas that will suit your budget.

Our aim is to give you the desired project design and value. You may take a few minutes of your time to look at some of our architectural 3d designs. Our designs will convince you.

Don’t settle with all these inexperienced architects that upload someone else 3d designs on some website and clam it to be his or her project works.

We guarantee you a professional architectural service. For more details feel free to contact us.

Frequent ask Questions

How can I find a registered architect in Nigeria for my house project?

This is simple, all you need to do is to get in touch with us by using any of our contact details on this website. Be it inquiry, discussions, or questions we are available to respond to you. We are waiting to hear from you…

What are the duties and responsibilities of a residential Architect?

Some of the important duties of a residential architect are: they mostly serve as a manager and supervises most of the building projects. They also facilitate communications between other contractors, builders, engineers, laborers, etc. Because of the nature of their job, you will always see them on-site to monitor the progress of work.

How much should I expect to pay an architect?

When it comes to architectural cost, one cannot simply say the price is this or that. The truth is that the cost of architectural services varies from one project to another. Every project is not the same so as to their cost.

Some architect charges their fees based on, level of experience, qualifications, locations, and amount of time invested in a particular project. Sometimes they charge based on the percentage of the total contract. While some will charge a fixed amount depending on how small the project is.

Therefore, the actual amount to pay to an architect is determined by the experience involved, project scope, locations, and level of work to be done.

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Hope you find this article helpful, please do drop your comment, questions, additions, and corrections to the comment box below.


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