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Home & office interior designer in Nigeria

Home & office interior designer in Nigeria

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If you are searching to know more about home and office interior designers in Nigeria, or if you are planning of engaging an interior designer and you wish to know why and when you should involve their professional services.

In this article, I have explicitly explained in detail all you need to know about, interior designer, interior design some ideas on how to do it yourself, and their applicable service cost in Nigeria.

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Interior Design

Interior design is generally a traditional discipline that is specifically meant for royalty or high-class people. But nowadays, many people have subscribed to it, either by doing it themselves with the help of books and online videos or by hiring an interior designer to do it for them.

Some of the reasons while an interior design of a home or an office is often required are to make the space comfortable, stylish, classy, and beautiful as well as to make someone feel good while being in a precise environment.

Interior design is a combination of style, design, and beauty. When it is done well it becomes a heaven on earth.

Interior design is applied in areas like flooring, windows, doors, walls, lighting, furniture, and various design pieces.

However, the outcome of the design should be pleasant to the desire of the owner.

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Nigerian Interior House Design pictures

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Interior designer

The work of an interior designer ranges from designing substantial residential and commercial buildings to coming up with a solid interior visual display that will suit the design be it a hotel, office school, hospital, or classic residential apartment.

Interior designers use different skills such as architecture, psychology, aesthetics, and product design to create a solid design output.

An interior design architect is trained to understand some filed that are important to the design principle. Such fields are “how the floor plan works” and “the local building codes that might limit the design value”.

A professional and experienced interior design architect knows how to perfect client requests by using a design style or format that fills customer requests.

Also, a professional interior design architect will add taste and idea that will complement the design a client need for its space.

It is encouraged to hire an interior designer who is IDAN certified.

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Lagos interior designer

Are you looking for a Lagos interior designer? Are you in or outside Nigeria? Are you in any part of the state here in Nigeria? We are here to work with you. Are you planning of renovating your existing office, hotel, school, home, hospital, etc, or start up a new one, or moving to other premises, be it a luxury, small, modern interior design, or contemporary design?

We have experience and a professional interior design architect that will work with your budget to give you 99% of your interior design request. All you need is to get in touch with us

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Interior designer in Lekki

Are you looking for an interior designer in Lekki area of Lagos? Did you just relocate from your previous home or office? Did you purchase or rent a new apartment or an office? Did you recently renovate your apartment? Are you looking forward to involving an interior designer?

If yes, we have the best interior design architect and professional that will give you satisfactory service.

Whether you just purchased a new home or office, built a new one, or rented a new one using a professional interior designer will help you to fulfill your ideal feeling you wish to achieve.

What does an interior designer do?

  1. They bring life to your vision
  2. The help to design a space that exhibits the possibilities of productivity and efficiency.
  3. They help to create the feelings that bring joy to your home.
  4. They are good at transforming an ordinary house into royalty.

The question to as interior designer before hiring

  • What design idea do you think will go well with my request?
  • What color do you think will be best to complement my ideal color?
  • May I see your previous works?
  • How much do you charge for my type of project?
  • How long will it take to get it done?

 Why hiring an interior designer

  • To get a professional design and appearance that elongate your natural feelings or style.
  • To give you a design that befits your homes or office.
  • To help to exhibit the image and style you want to present.
  • To show-case class.
  • To give your home or office that astonished class and beauty.

 An interior designer has the capability to create an interior design for homes, hotels, schools, hospitals, or offices. Consequentially we will be discussing more in detail on home interior designer and office interior designer

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Home interior designer                                                                   

Oftentimes clients who employ the service of home interior designers especially during the renovation stage or construction stage already know the feeling, item, and style of how they want the design to be.

However, in a case like a newly acquired furnished apartment, the client may request that the designer should make use of already existing items.

A good home interior designer architect should be able to come up with the best design style after a brief discussion with the client. Which include the room arrangement, color, the type of furniture to use, arrangement, etc.

Things to do before meeting a home interior designer

  • Make a financial budget of how much you plan to spend on their services
  • Research more online in other to get a better idea of what is best.
  • Decide on the color you want to apply to different areas of the apartment.
  • Make a sketch of how you would want the space to be and the kind of feeling you expect.

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Some interior design ideas for living room

Office interior designer

The interior design of an office is what speaks for the organizational brand. So an interior designer understands the importance of organization style, image, and brand.

A professional interior designer helps to give an organization the design style that accomplishes their goals. Also, create a conducive atmosphere for the staff and visitors through their design.

A professional and experienced designer helps to create a unique space and design including office view, conference room, co-working space, etc.

An engaging atmosphere is paramount when creating the interior design of an office. The placement of furniture, company logo, space & privacy among employees, and the use of official color are important factors an interior designer must put into consideration when making the design.

Things to consider when creating the interior design of an office

  • The seating arrangement of staff.
  • Number of staff
  • Positioning component
  • Reception area.
  • The use of the color principle.
  • The size and space of the office.
  • Plant or flower arrangement.
  • Height placement of chairs and tables with the right lightening

A good office interior design should:

  1. Coordinate functionality and productivity
  2. Create harmonized space for employees to work long hours
  3. Be good looking.
  4. Absolutely comfortable for both visitors and employees.
  5. Form a brand impression to new visitors
  6. Bright and lighten

Tips on how to make your office interior design inspiring

  • Create a harmonized space and privacy between employees’ seating arrangement, even if is an open floor.
  • Use the color themes that reflect the organization’s image.
  • Display the organizational logo in a professional style.
  • Use official furniture that is classy and stylish.

Some ideas on how to set up a small office in your home

Depending on how small or big your home is, setting up an office on it will help to improve your working capabilities and have a high tendency to make you exceptional in your choosing career.

  1. When setting your office, look for any corner of your house that is close to the window.
  2. Chose a comfortable table and chair that will help you to work smartly.
  3. Set up a board that will remind or enhances you to plan, schedule, and complete your task at a specified period of time of completion.
  4. Keep all the document files or books within your reach for a quick reference.

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How much do interior designers charge in Nigeria?

The price is dependent on some factors such as the scope of work, the size of the building, the number of rooms in the building, how big & luxurious the project is, how small, and simple the design it to be.

Also, it depends on the type of design project, that is, if it’s a home, school, hospital, hotel, or office interior design.

An architect will have to first go to the building and take some existing measurements or use the architectural drawing of the proposed design project before coming up with the price of the design.

However, if there are any logistics taken before the design, all will be factored into the cost of the design.

Interior design charges for offices, hotel, schools, and hospital

Organizational Offices and Hotel₦500,000₦800,000
Schools and Hospital₦450,000₦700,000

Cost of interior design for homes or residential apartments

3 bedroom flat₦120,000₦250,000
4 bedroom duplex₦200,000₦350,000
5 bedroom duplex upwards₦300,000₦500,000

What is the difference between interior design and interior decoration?

In carrying out Interior design services, the interior designer has to go through all design stages such as sketching out the existing spaces, do a preliminary design of all the spaces showing furniture arrangements, ceiling design, wall texture, wall finishes, wall paintings, floor tiles finishes, wall, ceiling lighting systems, etc to be represented in 3D model format.

While interior decoration is when one purchases decorative materials and furniture (sofa) to be arranged in a space without going through any design process. In this case, there is nothing like a drawing or 3D model all that is required is to purchase those items and arrange them in the space.

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What is the best time to involve an interior designer for a design?

The best time to involve an interior designer in any given project is during the construction stage or renovation stage.

Some important things every new homeowner should buy first

  1. Bed frame and mattress: with the help of a good bed frame and mattress you will feel comfortable and more energize once you weak-up every morning.
  2. Furniture or Sofa: find the one that attracts you and truly reflects your lifestyle. There are different style of furniture, make sure you chose the one that also reflects your home design.
  3. Dining table: irrespective of how big or small your family is, there are different styles for it always chose the one that suits your home.
  4. Storage: try and get storage that will be an accent piece to your bedroom

These items above are a great way to start decorating your new home for those that have insufficient funds or finances. After a few weeks of living there, you may proceed to add other items to it.

Some important items every homeowner should have in their living room

  • Nice furniture (Sofa): having stylish and elegant furniture gives a living room an outstanding look and impression.
  • Curtains: using designer curtains that marches the color of the wall paint or seat in your living room adds more elegant beauty to the living room.
  • Personal things: adding some personal things like family pictures, wall frames, mirrors, or even wallpaper helps to give that amazing feelings and relaxation.
  • Television: television is one of the important items every living room is expected to have. It helps for relaxation, especially after a long and stressful day.
  • Air-condition or electric fan: relaxing in a living room with air-conditioning or fan helps one to calm down, think clearly, and feel refresh.
  • Plant or flower: it adds life and color to space at the same time brings you closer to nature.
  • Rug: a comfortable rug with a beautiful pattern made of soft material can make you feel cozy under your feet, the color should also match with the interior design.

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I hope you find this article useful, if you have any questions, contributions, requests, addition, or corrections please feel free to drop your comment on the comment box below.

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