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Prices of genuine land in Ibeju Lekki 2021

Prices of genuine land in Ibeju Lekki 2021

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Are you an investor or an individual wishing to buy land in Ibeju Lekki area of Lagos? Or you may want to know the cost of getting genuine land in this location.

In this post, we have written in-depth content on how much it will cost to get land in some good areas of Ibeju Lekki, places & prices of land below 5million, and possible things to know about land in this area.

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About Ibeju Lekki

Ibeju-Lekki is a local government area of Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria. 

The development in the area is rapid and ongoing, some even refer to the area as the new Lagos.

The commercial center of Lagos state seems to be shifting gradually towards this area with much effort being put into developing industries and infrastructure.

Ibeju-Lekki is one of the LGAs for planned Lekki City. With the actualization of the blueprint, Ibeju Lekki is expected to become a central hub for business, manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics.

Forecasts have been made about an increase in commercial activities in this area as a result of these developments which will create thousands of jobs and make the area a major business location in the country.

In Ibeju Lekki, there are ongoing and proposed industrial developments such as the Dangote Refinery which is expected to be the world’s biggest single-train facility and estimated to cost $9bn.

It covers a total area of 2,635ha on the Lekki Free Zone near the Lekki Lagoon, enabling easy shipment of refined petroleum products to international markets.

The refinery is expected to double Nigeria’s refining capacity, largely to accommodate the pressing demand for fuel and export to foreign markets in and out of Africa.

A fertilizer plant is also included in the refinery complex, to fully utilize the raw materials released from the refine

Also, there are:

  • Lekki International Airport project was initiated to lessen the pressure on the Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMIA) in Ikeja
  • Pan-African_University.
  • Lekki Deep Seaport.
  • Lekki International Golf Course
  • Eleganza Industries, etc.

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How much does it cost to get a plot of land in Ibeju Lekki?

Land in Ibeju Lekki - Lagoon Courts

First, in other to answer this type of question, it depends on some factors such as the title document, the particular location, and the seller (that is, private seller, or estate developer).

For instant, a land that has excision as a title document on location A will be cheaper to compare a land that has C of O as a title on that same Location A.

For a practical example, a plot of land at Eleko junction, which is closed to Lekki Epe Expressway that has “excision” as a title document will be cheaper to compare the one with C of O at the same location.

Also, the cost of a plot of land at Eleko junction with title excision will be different from a plot of land at Awoyaya with title excision.

At the same time, private sellers and different real estate developers sell land of the same location at different prices. These are the 3 main factors that can impact the price of land in Ibeju Lekki.

Meanwhile, the cost of a plot of land in Ibeju Lekki with a good title (like approved Excision, C of O, Governor’s consent, etc) this year ranges from 1.2m to 20m depending on the title, the seller, and the Location.

Please note: property that has the title “Excision in progress” or proposed Excision” is not a good title.

Advice: we strongly advise investors and individuals to stay away from such properties.

We observe that most times people tend to go for a property because the price is cheap. But at the end of the day, they end up throwing their hard earn money into the dust-bean.

Please always go for a property that has a good title and best price also endeavor to do a property search before purchase.

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What you should do before diving into buying property

Set a budget

Before diving into buying land or any property, always map out a budget first before engaging a real estate agent or looking for a particular property.

Although, most time after contacting a real estate agent you may find out that the budget you made is lower on the type of property you want to purchase.

In this kind of scenario, you either change a location or increase your budget in other to get a good property of your choice.

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What to know about a landed property that has C of O in Ibeju Lekki before purchase

Many lands in Ibeju Lekki with title C of O have ratification issues. Because the C of O title was given to a body and not to individual families. For any families to be able to sell it, they must pay a ratification fee.

So if you intend to buy a property in Ibeju Lekki with title document C of O which is a good title, please find out if the property is ratified.

Ask the seller if the property is ratified, if he or she said it is, please request evidence of payment and also go and verify the property.

If it’s “not ratify”, find out how much you have to be paying for the ratification fee.

One of the consequences of not doing this is that if you purchase a landed property that is with the title C of O in this area and is not ratify you will end up paying for that property twice after purchase when the government or the bodies involve comes.

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Ibeju Lekki Land price & Good places to get land

You may want to know profitable places in Ibeju Lekki to get plots of land. But then that depends on your purpose of buying the land.

Having said that, Please note, properties that are located close to the express road tend to cost higher, also properties that are before the proposed Dangote refinery cost higher more than the one after it.

Cost of land that is in profitable (good) places in Ibeju Lekki with good title document.

Property Name Location price Title
CHERRYWOOD COURTS PLUS Osoroko Town along the Lekki Free Trade zone road in Ibeju Lekki N11.5Million Global C of O
Atlantic Bay Estate Awoya Ibeju Lekki 15million Excision
Peak Phase 3 Oribanwa Ibeju Lekki 10million C of O
Flourish residences ElujuEluju Town by Bogije 6million Approved Excision
Champions Courts Ebute – Ago Kayetoro Ibeju Lekki (behind AMEN Estate 1) 5million Excision

Please note; these prices are only the cost of the property, other fees such as the development fee, the documentation fees are not included.

Landed Property that are less cost (below 5 million) in Ibeju Lekki

Property Name Location Price Title
Palms Ville Courts Orimedu Town of Ibeju Lekki 3.5milliomProposed Governor’s consent
Book Ville Courts Ibeju Agbe town in Ibeju 4million Governor’s consent
Palms Ville Courts Extension Orimedu Town of Ibeju Lekki 2.5million Proposed Governor’s consent
Lagoon Courts Ibeju Agbe Town of Ibeju Lekki 3million Approved survey plan, layout plan of the property.

Cost of plots of land in Lekki Awoyaya

Are you looking forward of buying a land in Awoyaya Ibeju Lekki? The cost of plot of land in this area is dependent on the proximity to the road, the seller, the closeness of it to the beach, and the title document.

However, the price of a plot of land around this location ranges from 5m to 18m

What are the places in Ibeju Lekki that are fraudulent to buy land from?

Below are the names of places you should be careful with when buying a land in Ibeju Lekki

  • Ode Omi Village Ibeju Lekki
  • Gbetu Village Ibeju Lekki
  • Kaiyetoro Village Ibeju Lekki
  • Oriyanriyan Village Ibeju Lekki
  • Ogombo Village Eti-osa
  • Sangotedo Village Eti-Osa
  • Igbekodo Village Ibeju Lekki
  • Olokonla Village Eti-osa
  • Okegelu Village Ibeju Lekki
  • Okun Folu Village Ibeju Lekki

Please note: NOT all places in these locations have issues, however, it is advisable you do a proper land search before committing your millions on any of the properties you wish to buy.

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FAQ about Ibeju Lekki

Is Ibeju Lekki a water area?

Yes, Ibeju Lekki is a water log area, but many places have been sand-filled because of the current development springing up in that area.

Why should someone buy land in Ibeju Lekki 2021?

Buying or investing in a landed property in Ibeju Lekki today is considered to be a wise and profitable investment especially now the new developments that are spring up daily in that area.
Ibeju Lekki is known to be the New Lagos City in Nigeria. The massive development is currently coming up on the axis. Soon the property you purchase today in Ibeju Lekki for 5m will turn to 60m.
Just like Ikoyi and Victoria Island, where you can’t get a plot for 80m

Does Ibeju Lekki Lagos Nigeria flood frequently?

Currently the answer is NO, but with the type of development springing up on the area and life style of typical Nigerian, definitely you should expect it.

How much is the cost of a plot of land in Ibeju Lekki 2021 with a good title?

The cost of a plot of land in Ibeju Lekki this year 2021 with good title ranges from 2million to 20million depending on the title, the seller, and the Location

When is it the best time to resell a property that I bought in Ibeju Lekki?

If you can wait until the Ibeju Lekki project starts functioning actively that will be the best time to resell and recover 100% of the return of investment.
Because, estates located around Dangote Refinery, Lekki Free trade zone, Pan Atlantic University, La Campagne Tropicana, and other massive developments in Ibeju Lekki will definitely increase in value faster.

How much is the cost of a plot of land in Oribawan Ibeju Lekki 2021?

A plot on this area ranges from 5million to 15 million depending on the title, the seller, and proximity to the road.

How much does it cost to get a plot of land in Sangotedo Ajah 2021?

You should budget 12 million to 20 million for good land in this location?

I hope you find this post useful, if you are looking forward to getting land in Ibeju Lekki, feel free to reach out to us for good properties around the area.

Also, for more inquiries, or to find out how to get a property that suits your needs and budget contact us.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions, contributions, requests, addition, or corrections please feel free to drop your comment on the comment box below.

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