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Terms and Conditions

  • Any person(s) intending to partner with us is required fill in the Consultants/ Realtors registration form on on our website and submit. 
  •  As a registered partner  each partner is entitled to earn commission for every property sold for and on behalf of the company.
  • The developers we market for reserves the absolute right to fix or change, the price of properties, the percentage to be paid as commission for every property sold.
  •  No Partner has the right to receive cash payments in any circumstance whatsoever on behalf of the company (“Developers”) rather all payments by client/ customer should be referred to the company’s designated bank accounts and evidence of payment forwarded to us and to the company’s account department for onward processing.
  •  Purchase of landed properties starts with obtaining a subscription form. Processing of purchase shall be carried out only after submission of duly completed form via electronic mail.
  •  No partner has the right to make undertakings, representations or warranties different from that already made by the company. The company shall not indemnify any partner who makes unauthorized undertakings, representations or warranties. Such partner shall be personally liable for the consequences arising from such unauthorized representations.
  • Visitation to the site can only be arranged and carried out in conjunction with the company. Therefore no partner is allowed to take the intending buyer to visit the site independent of the company. The company will construe such act as fraud which would lead to termination of the partnership by the company and loss of all partnership right by such partner. 
  • Every partner’s interest in this business is limited only to the amount of money which accrues to such partner as commission for property sold.
  • we reserves the right to revoke the right of partnership of any partner(s) who violates or breaches any of the terms and condition of this partnership herein stated above.
  • The terms of this partnership agreement are subject to review to reflect present day realities. Consequently any change or modification in the herein stated terms and condition shall be communicated to the partner via any of letters, short Message Service (SMS) or Electronic Mails.
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